If you listen to the BS…

Anti-gun orgs and “ban-happy” politicians want Canadians to think that participating in responsible firearms ownership is “un-Canadian”.

They don’t want people to see that everyday citizens can be safely educated and responsibly own and use firearms.

The media prefer to fabricate a “crisis” and let the blame fall on decent and responsible citizens.

“If it bleeds? It leads!” is the phrase I’ve heard used when it comes to mainstream media.

Take a few moments and watch this video. Immerse yourself in the fact that the people in this video could be you. Safely and responsibly participating in a tradition and pastime older than Confederation itself.

I’ve personally worked many EESA Open Houses with many other members of the Club and the Canadian firearms community. The hours and sweat gone into providing people with education and a safe environment are countless.

The single greatest pleasure I got was taking a first-time shooter to the line and see their faces break into smiles either hitting their target or simply firing a gun.

Education and exposure. Simple words that speak volumes. I watched nervous first-timers come up and shoot. When they were done, they walked away standing taller and more confident in themselves.

Funny how the media, the gun-control groups and “ban-happy” politicians won’t tell you that. It doesn’t meet their agendas or is useful to their “we know what’s best” brayings.

Thanks to Mr. Kilroi of The Freedom Pages for this video

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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