Stop blaming crime on guns

There are people in this country who fortunately have a sense of reason and logic about issues…coupled with a recollection of the BS Canadians were fed in the past.

Nice shot Mr. Mills. Nice shot…

Stop blaming crime on guns

National Post  Published: Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Re: ‘Anyone At Any Time,’ Dec. 27.

A quote from this story: “The number of shootings [in Toronto] has risen 18% this year, compared with the same period last year. The number of shooting victims, up to Dec. 15, has increased by 41%.”

How can this be? Wasn’t the Liberal party’s much-vaunted Firearms Act supposed to put a stop to gun crime? Didn’t then-public safety minister Anne McLellan promise us a “culture of safety”?

When will people realize that blaming an inanimate object isn’t going to do one damn thing? Making something that is illegal (robbery and murder) even more illegal isn’t the solution to the problem. Holding the actual criminals accountable for their actual crimes with meaningful sentences is.

Bruce N. Mills, Hamilton, Ont.


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