Surrey teen loses hand in new year musket accident

Vancouver arrests down on past celebrations

The Province

Published: Friday, January 02, 2009

A surrey teenager is in hospital after losing a hand in a bizarre new year’s eve celebration near 165th street and 88th avenue.

News1130 reported that the boy decided to shoot an old-style musket into the air to ring in the new year. But the gun exploded in his hand, ripping it off and injuring four friends with shrapnel.


The biggest reason this accident happened? Lack of education among our youth about firearms. PERIOD!

If the idiot(Yes, I said idiot.) had an inkling of education or common-sense he would never have commenced the chain of events that led to his hospital trip and the injury of his friends. Co-incidentally the lack of education and common-sense among the entire group of the injured and uninjured shows that others were just as “ignorant” and dumb.

Being New Years, I am suspicious to alcohol fuelling the fire. But I am opining here.

Firearms and alcohol don’t mix. (A reminder there to the responsible firearms owners reading this.)

An experienced and educated firearms user would KNOW that you don’t mix improper propellants (modern powders) with antique firearms.

SHORT VERSION: The old metallurgy techniques do not work for modern propellants.

It was NOT the firearm’s fault or the firearm community’s fault this idiot (YES, I said idiot again.) wrecked his hand and injured others.

That being said? I have sympathy for his pain. None whatsoever for his idiocy.


It saves the School of Hard Knocks from conducting another impromptu class. He’s lucky Darwin was likely busy elsewhere.

I once had a Constable “toy” with an old percussion cap firearm’s trigger mechanism while examining the antique. The discussion went thusly:

“If you are thinking about trying to load and fire that to see if it fires? I’ll be elsewhere getting the first aid kit and the <snip> will owe me for replacing my destroyed property. It was not designed for modern powder. Consider yourself cautioned Constable.”

He put it down. Smart lad. 


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