Toronto The Boring…?!?

Nothing boring or bland about crime, Chief

Last Updated: 2nd January 2009, 3:25am

“It’s boring here”

— Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair

Toronto the Boring sure seemed to have a lot of bleeding and bullets flying yesterday.

“We live in one of the safest metropolitan cities in the world,” Chief Bill Blair told cop reporter Michelle Henry for the Jan. 1 Toronto Star. “So, it’s bland, it’s boring here. Boring is good.”

Yeah, okay chief. Sure. Got to call you out on this one, man. Time to get out of that comfy seventh-floor office a little more. Head in any direction from that College St. safe zone and you’ll find some excitement.

“Unbelievable,” said Scott Newark, a former Crown prosecutor, executive officer of the Canadian Police Association and special counsel to the Ontario Office for Victims of Crime.

“Shooting incidents up 15%, shooting victims up 42%, 50% of homicides unsolved and he thinks this is a good news story?” says Newark. “By the way chief, the reason the other crimes are down is because more people don’t report them anymore because they’ve lost faith in the justice system. Time for some police leadership. Not political spin.”

Councillor Michael Thompson of Ward 37 in Scarborough agrees. “I strongly beg to differ with the chief,” he said. “I was on the Danforth yesterday for the shooting. It’s scary. I am absolutely baffled the chief would make such a comment when we know the day-to-day concerns and conditions that are taking place in our city does not mirror the chief’s comments.”

Perhaps boredom was the motive behind four gutless criminals mugging a 56-year-old woman with a gun on Royal York Rd. Things have got so bland here, they were not satisfied holding her up with one gun. They, allegedly, held her up with two.

Sounds like a fair fight — armed 20-something thugs, described as having Somali-features, terrorizing a helpless woman at a bank machine. Just everyday stuff, folks. Don’t get excited — unless, of course, it happens to you or your mom. What I am getting bored with are leaders always down playing the kind of dangerous and violent city Toronto can be.

In fairness I spoke with veteran Toronto Sun reporter Ian Robertson, whose end-of-year interview with the chief will run in the upcoming Sunday Sun, and he told me Blair was not at all non-chalant about the city’s crime scene in his session, but was the opposite. He said Blair told him overall major crime rates fell 10% in 2008 and would have been better except for renewed street wars between gangs whose members are not getting out of jail after sweeps in 2005 and 2006.

“It’s important to keep a perspective,” Blair told Robertson. “There are a relatively small number of people involved in gang activity, a relatively small number of people carrying guns . . . But those small number of people represent a huge danger to everybody because of their recklessness.”


Maybe one day when I am bored I will write out the full list of innocent people slain in this safe and bland town.




Chief Blair. In fairness I’ll be watching for Ian Robertson’s article tomorrow…



I read Ian’s article HERE. Other than the title of the article it was an interesting read.

The problem as presented is the criminal offenders getting out of jail and going right back where they left off.

We grant a “fair chance”. They ignore the opportunity society gives them. Anything in the rules about starting to jail them at Reservoir Manicouagan in Quebec and let them out the front gate there to make their way back to the “world” and some time to “reflect” awhile longer…?

You might want to Google Map that location…Hint. It looks like a giant moat.


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