Foragers and scavengers vs Hunters

Yesterday I commented here on a pro-hunting article.

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Today this opinion was brought to my attention –

Hunting animals cannot be legitimately considered sport


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I am dead set against the idea of hunting. It is cruel and unusual punishment to our nation’s wildlife. Hunting is morally wrong, corrupt and, in some instances, illegal. Who in their right mind would think killing is fun and enjoyable. People who call it a sport really piss me off.

A sport consists of two players of comparable skill and ability competing against one another in a game where both know the rules and regulations. But when hunting, one “team” doesn’t even know they are playing the game, much less on the same playing field as everyone else. If you want to make hunting a true sport, two hunters would be dropped off in the middle of the forest and go after one another with weapons drawn. The one who makes it out alive is the winner.

Before you trigger-happy people get all angry, I know that in some instances it may be considered tolerable. The Inuit of northern Canada hunt bison regularly. But for the native community it is different. When they kill an animal, they use every part of the creature. For them, hunting is necessity; they do it to survive. The skin and fur are used for warmth (both as clothing and blankets); the meat for sustenance; blubber for fuel; and bones, hooves, and teeth to make jewelry and weapons.

But the hunters of Ontario are in it purely for the fun of it. They take pleasure in killing defenceless creatures. What does that say about them? Not caring about the well-being of those around them or the injuries they may impose upon others. If they have this total disregard for other species and plant life, what will they do to their fellow human beings? It kind of scares me.

Travis Croome



How about HERE for some apparent background: 

For those readers on dial-up? I’ll make it a bit easier for you:

Fresh frustration

I read Delia Berardi’s letter, Hire New Teachers for LTO Positions (June 2007) and couldn’t agree more. As a new teacher I have been searching for full-time employment in Ontario for some time and have been unable to find anything, for most positions go to retirees. I personally know several teachers who have gone back to teach, after retiring, in positions that I am fully qualified to occupy.

I can understand that these teachers have more experience and expertise than I could bring to the school. However, in my defence, I can contribute many fresh ideas and commit to a longer teaching term than they can.

Travis Croomeis co-ordinator of the after-school program at Highland PS in Cambridge.


Mr. Croome you say you don’t want to “anger” me. Yet you proceed with labelling an identifiable group, hunters, with the sad brand of hatred and discrimination that exists in you and escapes from your thoughts via your pen. You don’t have the market cornered or exclusive license with that utterance prefacing the spewing the equivalance of the contents of a septic tank.

I am acquainted with teachers who are hunters and sport shooters. I cannot, in good conscience, swipe a broad stroke of an equally discriminatory brush by retaliating and calling all teachers a “perverse collection of socially and morally mal-adjusted lot of taxpayer teat-sucking unionized lockstep cowardly Socialist crybabies who couldn’t survive one minute in the private sector without latching onto some publicly-funded entitlement trough to swill from.

No, I have too much respect for them as accomplished, realistic, well-adjusted, morally decent, caring and professionally responsible persons who likely feel shame with being associated by profession with a character of your ilk. I’ll speak my opinion regarding you as you have presented yourself to the public.

I don’t want to anger you, but you “swung first” in a public forum so you have invited a retort in “good faith”.

It’s pretty glaring and makes me wonder about your “education” as a person  on the topic you offer an opinion on. I am supposed to be preparing for a class tomorrow, so I will take time out of my day to try and educate you. You feel your “enlightenment” equals education. I disagree.

Saying that Inuit can hunt and others can’t or shouldn’t is pretty damn close to bigotry and racism. Hunting is a HUMAN tradition. It has allowed all humans, regardless of origin, to survive as a species. That my Viking ancestors hunted and farmed allowed them to survive. I’ll skip the sordid parts of Viking history. It’s irrelevant to this writing.  

I’ll quickly touch on an aspect of hunting. We agree with it. Sustenance. Oddly enough the federal firearms laws recognize sustenance hunting as a reason to possess a firearm. It doesn’t allow for “Black, White, Metis, Native, and/or Inuit hunters.” Simply “Sustenance hunters”. Lawfully recognized.

I’m a parent to a child that rejects store bought meat. He simply won’t touch it. He will eat venison though. I cannot force store meat down his throat or otherwise modify his behavior to consume it. He eats venison because he accepts it as a palatable source of nutrition. The how it got there doesn’t bother him. If it did, he wouldn’t voluntarily accompany me on other hunts. Your prejudice to hunting and your maladjusted pursuit discriminates against the well-being of my child and probably the well-being of the children of others. Your “I know better” selfish arrogance promotes “suffering” on others. That a child I have care and responsibility for is at the receiving end of your arrogance…well…frankly, it pisses me off that you endorse the infliction of harm on him. I guess that is one motivator to take keyboard in hand and write in his defense and the defense of other innocent children.

Where I REALLY take exception to your “opinion” is the following: “…If you want to make hunting a true sport, two hunters would be dropped off in the middle of the forest and go after one another with weapons drawn. The one who makes it out alive is the winner. …”. Mr. Croome, I suggest you comb through the Business Directory and seek some professional counselling. Your comment appears to be “projecting”. That scares me.

You are basically encouraging two humans to prey upon each other. To descend into lawlessness and throw away centuries of seeking civility and escape from barbarity. You could in the modern world find what you seek and espouse by relocating outside of Canada and descend into the 7th Century. In a morally decent and right-minded society of well-adjusted adults…that concept is banned under the Criminal Code offense of Murder. There is also a Criminal Code Section regarding “Duelling”. Duelling is illegal. Taking of human life is repugnant and regrettably necessary in extenuating circumstances. Check the Ten Commandments…

Am I to infer from your logic that you APPROVE of humans killing each other for sport? That’s pretty sick. In fact it scares me. More so knowing that you are supposed to be a teacher of our youth. Be thankful sir, that I do not reside in your community. I’d be calling for your outright dismissal and restriction from contact with children. Consider this the chance to seek knowledge and understanding for what your comments indicate you clearly don’t.

Is it not enough that there are criminals that perpetrate murder on others? Whether the victim is “innocent” or even “not so innocent”?

Having the experience in life of being shot at by another human being I can only shake my head at your naivete and innocence. I’ll stop there.

Your concept of “sport” and mine differ. That’s allowed. You want to play checkers or tiddlywinks and feel your life fulfilled? That’s your prerogative. I don’t tell you how to choose to live your life. I don’t seek to “ban” or onerously regulate checkers because it “offends my enlightenment” or am maladjusted to the point that I have a burning desire to control another’s life to compensate for my personal shortcomings. I like checkers actually. I can’t hunt at night and it passes the time in a hunt camp with a fellow hunter.

I’ll even let you in on a little secret. I like watching birds. I don’t hunt them. I accept that fellow hunters do. I don’t want to see it. I don’t go. I don’t interfere in their pursuits and enjoyment of their lives. I have better and more constructive things to do to occupy my time. Heaven forbid they are well-adjusted adults that accept their humanity and “place” in nature.

At random moments from day to day I can look out over my property and the adjoining lands and watch those creatures go about their lives. I have even occasionally watched those creatures hunt one another for survival. A cat taking a mouse. An eagle a fish. A fox a bird. A cow grazing on grass. I don’t interfere with it, because I have adjusted well enough in adulthood to accept that death IS a part of life. That the death of one living thing provides life for another in the natural order of things. (Skip that murder part you alluded to and seem to be infatuated with). Hunting is one of the words we use to describe the process.  

That’s the power of “nature”. There is a natural order to things. Evolving from something I don’t pretend to fully comprehend. To think that we as mere human beings can actually change nature is arrogant and absurd.

Human beings are not the top of the food chain. We have developed tools from the time we discovered a stick can help get supper. To give human beings an advantage in obtaining the sustenance we need for survival. I suggest you go stand “tool-less” in front of a, let’s say Bengal tiger, and see who eats whom for supper.


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