Trickery isn’t illegal…Gun Buy-back/turn in warning…


(Let the participant beware…),0,5855767.story


guns, Suffolk

Nearly a hundred weapons were turned into Suffolk police.
(Photo by James Carbone / December 22, 2008)


Mark DeAngelis heard that Suffolk County was giving people $200 gift cards to turn in illegal handguns last weekend, so he looked behind a rafter in a warehouse he rents and found a revolver he stashed there 20 years ago, he said.

He called Suffolk’s Third Precinct in Bay Shore, confirmed that they were still doing the program and then drove there and turned over the gun, he said.

But after he handed the gun to the officer, he said he got bad news: There was no money left.

“He basically said, ‘You just gave me an illegal handgun. We’re out of money. Do you have a problem with that?’ ” said DeAngelis, 43, of Patchogue, who said he bought the gun to get it out of the hands of a man he considered dangerous.

Sweet deal.
If you are willing to give up your Rights.
Don't Tread On Me

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One Response to Trickery isn’t illegal…Gun Buy-back/turn in warning…

  1. tommycrowwithwhitefeathers says:

    gee, makes me wonder how a gun that was legally owned becomes illegal when a child of the person who dies has it…. that’s totally legal for someone to own a gun from their parent or grandparent.

    It always amazes me how they stoop to giving someone $200 for a gun worth much more, sometimes in the thousands… Stalin and Hitler would have loved it.

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