You’d almost think that the UN wasn’t wanted…

For all the years of crap heaped on Israel courtesy of the UN?

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions…

UN suspends Gaza Aid

Palestinians distribute food aid received from Unwra in Rafah, southern Gaza, 8 Jan 2009
The UN’s suspension of aid operations followed an Israeli strike on a UN truck

The UN has said it is suspending aid operations in Gaza because its staff have been hit by Israeli attacks.

The suspension would continue “until the Israeli authorities can guarantee our safety and security”, the UN said.

Meanwhile, the US, UK and France have dropped opposition to a UN resolution urging an immediate ceasefire, and Arab nations are studying a draft.

It comes on day 13 of an offensive by Israel aimed at stopping Palestinian militants firing rockets from Gaza.



Someone is going to get counselled over some errant ordnance.

Considering the pictures and video in the past of terrorists using ambulances and probably “UN” marked vehicles to ferry their “troops” and supplies around? Mistakes are going to happen. Sadly.

I guess the UN should send a strongly worded warning to Hamas too while they are working on it.


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