Hunters. Ancient tradition of feeding the tribe lives on.

Thanks to for the find.

The other day I commented HERE about an opinion submitted by Travis Croome and his outrageous comments regarding hunters.

Today I find this article that strongly reinforces hunting as being a good thing for society.

Hunters have always traditionally helped provide the tribe or community with meat so that they can eat and survive and make their contributions overall.

That ancient tradition lives on today in almost 30 communities.

It is of little import that the article is from the United States. Compassion, generosity and community spirit has no borders. The hunters of today still help by sharing their kills. Our ancestors assumed responsibilty towards others and that has allowed us to survive to this day.

Let’s see. From the article.  70lbs/deer x 80 deer = 5600 lbs of venison. (70 lbs is the minimum weight the butchers accept. Let’s call it the processed weight because not all deer are the same weight.)

Even if 1 person got a single venison burger at 1/4 lb? That would be 22 400 people being fed. Of course, it doesn’t actually work out that way but you get the point?

At least one person doesn’t go hungry.

Considering this organization has been around for 11 years and now has places in 27 states? Some states more than one chapter? That easily should be over 250 000 people fed. I’m low-balling the number. I’m not a statistician. 

Again. At least one person did not go hungry.

The hunters wouldn’t even care if Mr. Croome availed himself of the meat if he ever found himself hungry and in a bad spot. They just do their thing and donate it. Their act of compassion and kindness towards their fellow man has been done. The food bank then does their thing.

Mr. Croome’s ill-informed opinion against hunters does more disservice to fellow human beings by trying to deny the hunter’s role in society and deny the hungry a meal.

Class dismissed Mr. Croome.

Hunting. If it saves one empty stomach…




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