Self-Defense works…

I don’t care who you are and how often you bleat against it.

An armed citizen can deter, prevent or eliminate crime by refusing to become a victim and use existing technology to protect themselves.

A criminal that thinks they can act with impunity and prey on society can be in for a rude surprise.

What’s very refreshing is when law enforcement gets behind a citizen. Maintaining the bridge between themselves and the community they serve. Good relations make for many hands. Many hands make lighter work.

Yes, the article below is from the US. Co-incidentally in Florida where many Canadians reside either as retirees or visitors. Where the concept of self-defense is recognized along with “the right tool for the right job” and “standing your ground” is rationally acceptable.

We have the laws here in Canada. It’s interfered with by our elected “Nanny” and her agents. The stupidity of it so rampant that with the pussification of society, you can be fired from your job if you defend your life at work.

Some law enforcement in Canada are more likely to privately commend and recognize an individual for exercising their rights under s.7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and applicable Criminal Code sections. Lest they draw the ire and wrath of the politically correct infecting the upper management.

A person should not be restrained from properly and reasonably defending themselves from predatory behaviour. Predatory behaviour knows no borders.

The intended victim in this article will have some “post-engagment” things to deal with…

At least he IS alive to continue being a productive member of society.

Original story : HERE


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