TTC Subway shooter picture released. SSDD…

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 Let’s see…

The TTC subways are not an approved shooting range. Mayor Miller and Council closed approved shooting ranges.

The alledged shooter did not use an “approved target”. Responsible firearms users don’t use other human beings as “targets”.

The alledged shooter obviously is NOT a responsible firearms user. His criminal use of a firearm is a totally separate issue.

Yet anti-gun organizations and anti-gun politicians would have the public believe that responsible firearms owners and users are connected to this incident. They would have you believe responsible firearms owners should be punished and discriminated against because of criminal use of firearms.

Here’s a hint:

They are feeding you bullshit when they try to convince you that responsible firearms owners are the problem. They are incapable of acknowledging where the problem truly lies.

Their denial is a symptom in itself. The inmates are ruining running the asylum.  


The alledged no-mind in the picture above IS the problem and part of a larger problem.

The public should demand the problem be addressed at it’s roots. It starts at our borders, education (more precisely the lack of), “entertainment”, personal responsibility, social engineering, the destruction of the family unit, etc, etc, etc. 

Not with “feel-good”, “do-nothing” useless non-solutions that discriminate against the innocent segments of society.

Responsible firearms owners are in complete agreement with wanting a workable solution to the problem without being discriminated against.

It’s (not)funny how people like Mayor Miller and Wendy Cukier won’t include the people that know and understand firearms in those discussions.

The public really should be asking people like Mayor Miller and Wendy Cukier “Instead of standing on the bodies of deceased persons as soapboxes and always changing your message; Why are you ignoring the people that understand firearms?” 


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