A string of letters from Gordon Steele in the Sun chain…

His ferocity and frequency of publication has me curious.

So I did some quick online checking.



“I just think it is a sad day for the Yukon, because she was a dedicated Yukoner,“ Gordon Steele, the longtime principal secretary for the Yukon Party and former Conservative party, said this morning.

“I am really sad to see her go.“ …”


Someone mentioned to me that Mr. Steele had relocated to the Edmonton AB area.

Coincidentally the PM made some announcements this week about the future of the Registry. Yet Mr. Steele began his volleys in the paper before this anouncement.

Some questions form in my mind…

Is the Gordon Steele that has been printed, calling for the maintaining of the Registry, the same Gordon Steele from the Yukon Party and former Conservative?

Assuming for a moment they are indeed the same person…

Did Mr. Steele, by former affiliation, receive information of the impending announcements?

Are Mr. Steele’s opinions about keeping the Registry a way to remain politically relevant or a political cheap shot?

If the letter writer and the formerly relevant politician are the same person? Why did Mr. Steele not include his former political affiliations as a means of having “weight” behind his comments?

Hopefully somebody reading this can provide me with some explanations or answers to satisfy my curiosity.

If you don’t know something? Ask the questions.


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