John Evers/CSSA/CILA presentation to City of London ON Board of Control

There is only one way I can sum up John and Tony’s presentation…




They had the facts nailed down and solidly presented. They were able to address a lot of the BS rhetoric that people like David Miller and Chief Blair misleadingly spew.

An excellent presentation overall by John and Tony.

The Mayor was quite pleasant and attentive during the matter and had a lot to absorb. During the later discussion and “decision” with how to proceed, she had to prod the members of the Board of Control to vote or let the matter die. The vote was not held to adopt the “useless resolution”. It was put off. One Member was quite uncomfortable with making a decision on a Federal issue…He proposed a rewording of the resolution be found for consideration. That is pretty much where it stands right now.

The Board of Control Members appeared split and one member through his comments appears to fully understand the absurdity of the proposed resolution.

The Deputy Mayor was absorbing quite a bit of the material and I can’t say for sure which way he would go on it.

The antagonist Board of Control Member, Gina Barber? Well…she wasn’t prepared and was even rebuked by the Mayor over not arranging to having someone present to speak to a matter as an authority.

The same antagonist also made mention of storing firearms with police. How much is that misguided hooey going to cost taxpayers? Taking a dedicated policeman OFF THE STREET to deal with all firearm’s owners in the area 24/7/365??? No thanks. Chief Faulkner has enough to contend with seeing as Mayor Miller has exported the criminal garbage problem into the Chief’s lap. The antagonist mumbled the same old tired Socialist rhetoric of “standing shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters” and while I was observing her during the presentation by John, rarely looked at the audio/visual presentation he had prepared.

I found it amusing that she began to squirm in her seat and look up intently at those firearms owners that attended in support of John and Tony. I really don’t think she likes us. Too bad for her in that respect. As John pointed out “we’re the good guys”.

I was quite happy to silently stare back at her and smile at her discomfort. In part because of a radio interview this morning. She made the comment that the Board meeting was closed to the public. Which would mean that those of us interested would not have been able to sit in the gallery and observe. When we arrived at City Hall we were not shunned after we indicated what we were attending for.

Frankly? I hold the opinion that the antagonist’s “…there seems to be some confusion…” mislead the public about the issue and dissuaded interested parties like ourselves from “participating” in the civic affairs of the city. Between her unpreparedness (no facts to support her position) and being uninformed to the public’s ability to attend and for publicly providing incorrect information? Tsk tsk tsk.

I give the Mayor marks for her courtesy and professionalism towards John and Tony. I also give marks to the Board of Control as well for that. At least 3 out of 4 anyway. The antagonist? She gets failing marks. Heck I can haul her “consignment of fail” with a semi. 

A question that comes to mind is “Why is the City of London” trying to adopt or conduct business over a useless issue outside of their legal jurisdiction?” The operating of a city the size of London should be a much more pressing matter, especially considering the current state of the economy.

Another question is “Why is the City of London seeking a resolution to support Toronto’s so-called Mayor David Miller’s pursuit of the demonization and discrimination of law-abiding and responsible citizens?” After all, as was mentioned, many of the criminals in London’s streets fled Toronto for a safer haven in London.

His criminal garbage ended up on London’s streets. The Member of the Board of Control wishes to reward him for the burden that imposes on the city and it’s taxpayers? 

I strongly encourage the city to be it’s own city. To take the information provided during the presentation and digest it and make an informed decision and decline the resolution for the laughable waste of time and resources it is.

I strongly encourage the leadership of London to lead and forge London’s future instead of following babbling do-nothingness from Toronto’s so-called Mayor.

 I strongly encourage the citizens of London to contact the Mayor and the Board of Control members and tell them to drop the waste of time and resources ban resolution.

 A Channel video link (h/t to 7.62)

(decision delayed by Board of Control as of 1100hrs 2/11/09)

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