– Propaganda arm of TPS Chief Miller?


Gun debate ignites
Cops release video footage of firearm heist suspect

Gary Gordaneer collected guns most of his life — but no more.

He was given his first, a .22-calibre repeating rifle, as an 11-year-old boy. By 62, Gordaneer had accumulated as many as 80 weapons, which he estimates were worth about $500,000. “Now, they’re all gone,” says the 65-year-old.

Three years ago, on Feb. 10, 2006, thieves broke into Gordaneer’s Mississauga apartment. They busted through the front door and jimmied open three of the four large metal storage lockers.

The suspects made off with 42 handguns. The heist, one of a string of thefts targeting gun collections, is believed to be the largest cache of weapons stolen from an Ontario gun collector.

It’s an ongoing problem with no end in sight.

This past weekend, 12 legally registered firearms, including 10 handguns, were stolen from a Scarborough apartment in the Neilson Road and Crow Trail area. The weapons, which belonged to a gun club member, were stored in a locked cabinet.

On Thursday, police released surveillance footage of a stocky man believed to be in his early- to mid-20s, wearing a white hoodie and dark pants, entering the building through the front entrance, then exiting through the back door carrying large black boxes in each hand.

“All the work that my people are doing, getting guns off the streets, it’s not insignificant that 10 more handguns are out there … potentially making their way into the hands of criminals,” said Toronto police Chief Bill Blair.

The bottom line, he continued, is that, legal or not, those who store handguns in their home are potentially putting the public at risk.



Metronews is looking like a cut and paste propaganda outfit here.

Their research sucks the mighty too. One-sided. I’ll hazard an educated guess they didn’t call people knowledgeable about the firearms issue.

It is questionably convenient that another theft occurs when Miller is poised to lose support from another city Miller has badgered to “get on board” with his demonizing and villainizing of the law-abiding. Add in that people are getting tired of his constant droning and haranguing.

You might balk at that last comment.

If I was investigating the issue? I would look AT EVERYONE that has access to that information. Then whittle my list down to the likely subjects. Everyone is “suspect” until proven to not be. So that was a “fair comment”.

Let me point out a couple of obvious things for those who don’t quite understand the Registry issue.

First. The Registry. It is a centralized electronic compilation of where firearms are supposed to be, who has them, etc. It is flawed and in error.  Databases get hacked and creates a “shopping list”. One newspaper even went so far as to publish a “sanitized” copy of the database that was publicly searchable. A supposedly secure database spoon-fed to enterprising criminals.

“…The heist, one of a string of thefts targeting gun collections, is believed to be the largest cache of weapons stolen from an Ontario gun collector. …”

Secondly, before the Registry? It was much harder for criminals to locate firearms. You can thank the Liberals and people like Miller for helping to cause a larger problem from a problem that was relatively non-existant. You ever wonder if you got sold a bottle of snakeoil from a snakeoil salesman? You know the stuff. The magical “cure-all” for your maladies and ailments? The stuff that was packaged pretty and did nothing but leave you a few dollars (well the Registry is 2 Billion and rising…) poorer?

Well, I never bought the snakeoil. But I, like you, have had it poured down my throat against my will.

I have a theory…

If everyone helps get Bill C-301 passed? Thefts, especially targetted thefts, will likely decline and legal firearms will become less likely to become illegal firearms and misused by violent criminals.

It’s a theory.

The Registry was built on a flawed theory, emotional knee-jerk flawed legislation and no facts. It has proven to be useless and a giant tax blackhole.

My theory? There are facts behind it. I won’t pimp the facts here. I’ll show you where to find them and make that decision for yourself.

You can find them from the Canadian Shooting Sports Association and the Canadian Institute for Legislative Action.

FYI. Miller’s petition he drags out of the closet once in awhile? It’s not acceptable to be received by Parliament. Most of the signatures are bogus and those from outside Canada don’t count.

His “numbers” are misleading. Go figure. More snakeoil…bon appetit!


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