What is wrong with this vignette…?


Just to make it clear. I’m not looking for any Mountie-bashing…


ADDED:  The makers of the video, have injected revisionist history into it. There were very little gunlaws in Canada in Sam Steele’s day. In fact, up until a few years ago, wearing a handgun for personal protection was a legitimate reason as it still should be.

I had a small laugh. I guess Sam Steele was no “gentlemen”. He wore a sidearm as a NWMP.

Do you REALLY think the real Sam Steele would have let a man go free after having a pistol pulled on him? Let a man that just committed a criminal act go free? The Mountie “legend” was built around “getting their man” in the early years.

A blatant criminal goes free in this vignette? Let’s suggest to the viewers ALL criminals should be free, regardless. I don’t think so Timmy.

While I’m at it. The portrayal of the “Yankee gambler” in the vignette is also somewhat less than amusing. With the anti-gun crowd in Canada (so-called Mayor Miller HERE and so-called councillor Adam Vaughn HERE) disparaging and casting Americans as being a problem is troubling. 

The vignette seems to express hatred towards other people.

Another identifiable group of people.  

That vignette is a collection of discriminatory stereotypical bigotry.

This “crapette” vignette isn’t truthful, is historically inaccurate, bigotted and misleading to anyone watching.

It should be pulled from broadcasts and put into a museum in the “Bigotted Leftist Media Propaganda BS display”.

If they want to make a decent vignette? I suggest just pulling out the old “Hinterland Who’s Who” Series.

A history note you won’t find. The NWMP way back then were asserting the borders of our fledgling nation and in doing so protected those Indians that had fled the Indian Wars south of our border while also trying to keep the Whiskey Traders away.



Remember kids. You aren’t supposed to hate.

Unless “they” tell you who to hate.

Nanny knows best…



Don't Tread On Me


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