What a bunch of sissified merde!

Globe and Mail

From Monday’s Globe and Mail

MONTREAL — The mock restaging of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham will likely go on, just maybe not on the Plains of Abraham.

The organizer of the planned re-enactment says he will seek a new venue if his force of 2,000 costumed history buffs is no longer welcome at Quebec City’s historic site.

No official decision has been announced, but André Juneau, the head of the National Battlefields Commission, made it clear this weekend that the planned commemoration will be dramatically scaled down.

Horst Dresler, the pageant organizer, says the battle is a vital final chapter in a long series of re-enactments that have been quietly staged in Canada and the United States to mark the North American portion of the Seven Years War.



It’s the anniversary of a documented historical event. Part of a series of re-enactments.

When people try to suppress history or re-write it? They have learned nothing from history.

They are tyrants-in-waiting.

Those who choose to politicize this event are merely that.

Those who empower them by appeasement? You have made your place in history.

The organisers should relocate. Far enough away that not a penny goes into the tourism coffers. Perhaps Western Canada? I’d hazard a guess they would be quite entertained.

Hell, I think that would be rather fun and educational doing re-enactments.

However, maybe not this one though. I’m half English and half French.

I’d have to hold my sword to my throat and surrender…


Added: (h/t to Deuce044)

I guess we best not suggest reinacting the Battle of Agincourt either…

The place where lore indicates the beginnings of this succinct gesture:

The word spread among the English Army that a bounty had been placed by the French on the fingers of the British archers. The British archers were devastatingly effective against the French Army. The British archers from across the battlefield would hold their fingers up to taunt the French forces as a “I’ve still got them. Come and get them” gesture.

A simple act of defiance…


For the historically-challenged?    Battle of Agincourt and HERE

Summary for the lazy?  The English Army beat the French Army.

Google French Military Victories to confirm this. ( 1) Go to google, 2) type  in “French Military Victories” 3) hit “I’m feeling lucky” for your search.)


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