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WHAP! Bitchslapped

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Biased media reporting. Outed again.

Who’s your friend again? Are you sure it’s the anti-gun groups? Some newspapers and journalists sure don’t seem to be either.


Armed Citizen Saves 2 Lives
March 2, 8:37 AM
by Howard Nemerov, Austin Gun Rights Examiner
According to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, on February 16 of this year, at 1:50 AM, 22-year-old Robert Tomlin decided to invite himself into the home of Heath Miller a “popular music teacher at Howell L. Watkins Middle School.” Mr. Miller, like most working folk, was asleep with his wife, but awoke from the noise. When Miller “saw the silhouette of an individual with a handgun coming through the bedroom door,” he used his own handgun to protect himself and his wife. These are the facts of the story, but how the story was reported is a story in itself.


It seems anti-rights reporters feel incomplete until they laud the “victim,” aka the violent intruder who broke a number of laws in order to terrorize and kill the real victims:
He is the type of person who tells us to not get into fights and [not to] get involved with negative things,” said Dajun Parker, 16, who lives with his mother on White Pine Drive. “That’s why I was so stunned.” [Emphasis added]

Parker’s mother, LaKeisha Hobbs, recalls, Tomlin as being funny and someone who loves to dance.

“It’s sad,” she said. “It’s hard to believe it … anybody else but him.”

Whatever the motive, the article’s authors do point out that the intruder was a hypocrite: Even when a defender successfully saves their life, there are negative consequences:
“He’s all right for a few minutes and then he’s not all right,” [Heath’s mother] Harma Miller said. “They are pretty wasted. Actually, they are going to need some therapy.”
“We just want them to heal right now, so they will be over at my house,” Harma Miller said. “It’s really scary and when we are thinking about it, it gets scarier. I could be picking up my children and taking them to my own funeral home. We’ve been blessed.”
This highlights the difference between law-abiding citizens and criminals: The former feels remorse after shooting somebody, even when justified. It is reasonable to wonder that had Tomlin been the survivor, considering his facility at dispensing advice he didn’t consider worth following, would he have felt remorse while walking over two cooling bodies to ransack the bedroom?
Another South Florida Sun Sentinel reporter wrote:
[Mrs.] Miller told the 911 operator that the man came into their bedroom with a gun. Her husband used his registered .38-caliber handgun, she said. [Emphasis added]
Registration is a key goal for anti-self-defense proponents, because once they know where the guns are, it’s easier to pass the next “sensible gun law” enabling them to confiscate your firearms. Marion Hammer, Executive Director of the Unified Sportsmen of Florida, stated that the Florida legislature enacted a law specifically prohibiting the accumulation of gun owner names and their firearms purchases, along with a $5M penalty for violation of this law (i.e. registration is illegal).
Another concern with South Florida Sun Sentinel reporting is while they displayed a picture of the Black criminal, they did not show the defender. However, the Palm Beach Post posted pictures of both, and it turns out the defender was also Black.
In a previous article, we examined how the history of American gun control is the history of Black oppression. The more that law-abiding Blacks learn about their civil right of self-defense, the harder it is for anti-rights proponents to sell gun control. For example, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People [NAACP] published a press release entitled DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA RESIDENTS VOTING RIGHTS HELD HOSTAGE TO EXTREMIST GUN LOBBY:
On Thursday, March 22, 2007 the US House of Representatives began consideration of H.R. 1433, the District of Columbia House Voting Rights Act, which would provide the residents of the District of Columbia with full voting rights in the House of Representatives. Unfortunately, consideration was halted when pro-gun lobby extremists used a parliamentary procedure to try to amend the bill and overturn a 28-year old law enacted by the elected officials of the District of Columbia and affects only D.C. residents that for reasons of public safety outlaws handguns bought after 1976. Registered firearms bought before 1976 must be kept unloaded and disassembled, or with the trigger locked.
In other words, these “extremist” congressional representatives told D.C. if they wanted full voting rights, they must repeal their gun ban. As of July 2007, Washington D.C. had 588,292 residents, 324,875 (55.2%) of whom were Black. For the entire U.S., 12.8% of the population was Black. In 2007, D.C. had 3.0 times the violent crime rate and 5.5 times the murder rate of the entire U.S. It would be interesting to hear why the NAACP supports policies which, at the very best, provide no safety for a population comprised mostly of its own constituents.
In order to sell gun control, the powers that be work with biased media outlets to promote policies which endanger the very people they claim to represent. This seems more like job security for the few than civil rights for all.
(Some emphasis added)

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