City of London Board of Control rejects gun ban call… 4 Mar 2009 (updated)

…from Toronto’s so-called Mayor David Miller.

London Free Press


Wed, March 4, 2009



London’s Board of Control this morning unanimously recommended rejecting a call by Toronto Mayor David Miller to ban all handguns, instead backing current federal law that creates exceptions for legal, registered gun owners.

Even Controller Gina Barber, who personally supports a gun ban, voted to keep the exceptions, saying that calls from Londoners about the issue had so far been overwhelmingly against a gun ban.

The matter will be considered Monday by city council.





My congratulations to all the members of the Board of Control for their decision. I also extend my thanks to London Police Chief Murray Faulkner and the Police Services Board for examining the facts and taking the position that bans don’t work. The final nail can be driven into this coffin when Council votes next. So it is not quite over but is a pretty good sign of things to come.

My Nightmare STAMP OF APPROVAL to everyone that worked on this. Especially John Evers of CSSA/EESA and Tony Bernardo of CSSA/CILA.

Apparently, Innisfil, ON also reached a similar conclusion re: their resolution (Pending entry)

I wonder if others who are pondering a similar course of action are paying attention that firearms owners will show up to be counted and other “Ban Happy” people are taking notes as well.

😀 😀

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UPDATE: Word has reached so-called Mayor Miller


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