Holy bullsh*t media bias with a twisted poll Batman!


CP24 a.k.a. (Constant Panic 24)

This is the poll at a TV station website.

This isn’t responsible journalism. It is biased garbage.

Is a semi-automatic handgun an appropriate raffle prize for a gun lobby event being held next month?
  No. You never know who will end up with this gun if it is given away.
  Maybe, but I am not sure about the legality of giving away a gun.
  Yes, a gun is an appropriate prize for members of a gun group.



Talk about vote splitting and influencing public opinion.

What I find interesting is that CP24 will sell ad space to promote a TV show that uses firearms as part of it’s “entertainment”.

Who’s a hypocrite?

There’s a reason I don’t watch much TV anymore… CP24 is a prime example of why I don’t.

I almost want to say that CP24 is in so-called mayor Miller’s pocket. Almost.

Funny how mayor Miller has stepped up his persecution of the lawful and responsible shooting sports since the City of London voted to not support his handgun ban BS. CP24 sure looks like it’s lockstepped along with so-called mayor Miller’s

One would almost think that he’s succombing to irrationality and his hatred and presecution of responsible citizens is getting the better of him.

It’s also interesting that anti-gun sentiments by the left has increased recently with the introduction of Bill C-301 in Parliament. C-301 is a Bill to create an Act to amend the Firearms Act that was designed to save taxpayer money, streamline processes and ensure that public safety isn’t compromised.

When you stand up to some Lefty’s? They seem to lash out venomously against innocent people. The hatred and bigotry never cease.

Citizens should be making notes…


Don't Tread On Me


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I've been around the block enough to not care about PC idiocy. My writings may cause manginal irritation. That is YOUR problem.
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