Rights. Not for thee if you are nine years old…

March 18 2009…

We sent our young lad off to school. He had picked out his clothing, gotten dressed, etc. He picked a t-shirt that he had worn to school before with nary a complaint.

That afternoon we went to pick him up at school and discovered his t-shirt was inside out. When we asked he became agitated.

We subsequently discovered, through the sub teacher replacing his usual teacher and the teacher’s aide, that his t-shirt wasn’t allowed in school. You will recall above that there had been no complaints prior? The teacher’s aide was still the original one.

I was informed that he was removed from the classroom and taken to a Counsellor who convinced him to remove the shirt and turn it inside out. That spurs questions in my “investigative mind”…

He was then returned to the classroom. He was made to wear his clothing in an inappropriate manner in front of the other students.

Nevermind that his education was disrupted and he was singled out by the teacher.

Nevermind that the t-shirt contained no obscenities, doesn’t suggest or promote anti-social behavior, doesn’t advertise alcohol, tobbaco or the occult, violence, vulgarity, profanity or sexual references.

Nevermind that the school has a home contact and other emergency contact numbers for reaching us.

Nevermind that they didn’t call to bring the matter up.

Nevermind that he was sent home without even a note to “alert” us to the issue. Essentially opening him up to returning to school again with that t-shirt on and a repeat “trip” to the Counsellor.

Nevermind that he may not have mentioned it to us if we hadn’t gone to pick him up. Typically when he gets home from school he gets changed into other clothes. He might have gotten past us without us noticing. Again, essentially opening him up to a repeat “trip” to the Counsellor.

Nevermind that the school keeps “emergency clothing” in the event of “accidents” such as soiled trousers and could easily have substituted the t-shirt with one that could be worn appropriately and not “mark” him to the others.

A t-shirt that promoted a Right, as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution was arbitrarily deemed to be inappropriate.

A place of education. Deciding arbitrarily against something that is part of his being an American and he must learn about and be encouraged to uphold as part of growing up to be a good and productive American. A place of education discouraging learning unless, I suppose, it meets their “requirements”.

A place of education where a Constitutional Right is shunned at the whim of others because it’s easier to deal with by blanket attacks instead of doing the hard thing…

Educating the children about it. What a novel concept?! Education at a school…

I’m going to open this “series” by quoting the “mission statement” as it’s written in the most recent version of the Student and Parent handbook. The copy I currently possess was given to us when we requested from the school today.

Mission Statement

We at XXXXXXXXX Elementary School, in partnership with the community, will be

responsible for a quality educational experience for all, in a safe and caring environment.

Positive growth will be observed on our journey of life-long learning.

If you read the brief outline of the situation? Where does that “mission statement” apply to our lad?

As his own person it doesn’t. His individual Rights as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights don’t apply according to the people involved in his education in the public system.

His academic education is exemplary, considering he’s autistic. What they just did to him as an individual has irked me. Greatly.  You have probably gathered, if you have followed my blog, that I am into rights and have a strong stance against persons, etc that infringe upon a person’s basic and inalienable rights.

I’m not going to identify the school yet. I’m going to continue sharing the applicable contents of the handbook first and the interpretation of it. Back at them.

I have a lot of questions when I compare the handbook and policies vs what happened yesterday.

The T-shirt? It had “NRA “Stick to your guns” and “NRA It’s Your Right!” There are 2 hunting rifles, 2 hunting shotguns and 4 handguns on it.





Nothing on it that meets the “criteria” as outlined above.

I am quite appalled by the lack of handling of the situation and the potential problems it can open up from a variety of directions.

The questions I have are going to need to be addressed. 

A school is no place for authorities to be “political”.

Someone swung first. They swung at an innocent boy. That does not sit well at all with me.


…to be continued.


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I've been around the block enough to not care about PC idiocy. My writings may cause manginal irritation. That is YOUR problem.
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2 Responses to Rights. Not for thee if you are nine years old…

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  2. johnycannuck says:

    Why do schools feel they must instill Liberal values in our children.

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