Wow…who thought the Third Reich died in 1945?


Heil Merkel!?!


Our grandfathers went to war over a Chancellor with this attitude and it’s evil outcome.

I sincerely hope the German citizens quickly and loudly call for her removal and prosecution.

Before Nuremburg has to be reconvened after millions have lost their lives. Again.

History. Know it…or repeat it.



Peter Neideck
Dissent Blog
Monday, March 16, 2009

Today, German Chancellor Angela Merkel demanded even tougher gun control measures relating to storage of firearms and ammunition in Germany. With an audacity that defies belief the former East German communist also called for unannounced raids on homes and offices of registered firearm owners.









Don't Tread On Me






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I've been around the block enough to not care about PC idiocy. My writings may cause manginal irritation. That is YOUR problem.
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