CSSA For Immediate Release




For Immediate Release

Apr 18, 2009

The Long Gun Registry and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police


We applaud the efforts of George Jonas, Lorne Gunter, Chris Selly, Pierre Liemieux and other reasoned journalists. They have researched the expensive, counter-productive restrictions that encumber the law-abiding, enable the criminal, and guarantee that the steady stream of victims, both female and male, will continue.

What logic can explain the continued support of the Long Gun Registry by, of all groups, the Canadian Association of Chief of Police? The CACP claims in its website that it “is dedicated to the support and promotion of efficient law enforcement and to the protection and security of the people of Canada.” Efficient law enforcement? The Long Gun Registry has run up over two billion dollars in expenses. Yet, no evidence exists that it has either stopped or solved a single crime. Protection and security of the people of Canada? Extra thousands of police officers, forensic laboratories, and effective social programs for potential gang members could have been bought and paid for with those billions. What could possibly explain this logical travesty? Money, perhaps?

The CACP is a political, not a policing entity. It has been funded in part by the corporate suppliers to the bloated, error-ridden Canadian Long Gun Registry, CGI, the computer firm for one.

One wonders about another donor, Power Corporation. Its ties to Liberal governments have been well-documented.

And who could fail to notice the recent scandal involving the CACP, a vociferous supporter of Tasers, and a financial donor to the CACP, Taser International. What a remarkable display of chutzpah. Gall. So impudent, that the CACP ethics advisor quit. One would think that this is the time for the Canadian Chiefs of Police to drop their Tasers and run for cover.

Or, perhaps, the CACP could be encouraged to rethink its support of the gun registry. Canada hosts over two million law-abiding firearms owners. If each of them were to contribute one dollar to the CAPC.

In a sequel to the CACP debacle, the Bloc Quebecois, admitting that the gun registry has not saved even a single life, and in the absense of any real facts, plans to screen a fictional film for MPs that treats the tragic Montreal Massacre as art.

And so, Canada is witness to a rare triple feature of dark comedy. The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police offers a scandal, the Bloc Quebecois provides a fantasy, and the gun registry continues to fire blanks.



For more information:

Tony Bernardo
Canadian Institute for Legislative Action (CILA)
(905) 571-2150

Larry Whitmore
Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA)
(905) 265-0692

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