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Re: Columbine Bogeyman, April 20.

The tragedy of Columbine came at the tail-end of months of neglect by the authorities, as was the case with Virginia Tech and l’Ecole Polytechnique. With Columbine, the mother of one of Eric Harris’s friends warned the authorities that he was a danger to her family, and nothing came of it. There was simply no legal mechanism in place to search someone’s home and remove dangerous weaponry. In Canada, we have a national firearms registry that police chiefs consult with thousands of times and which often results in men being denied the privilege of storing weapons in their homes. And now the Conservatives want to dismantle it entirely.

There is no good reason why a teenager with sociopathic traits and his more passive, depressive sidekick should have been able to access enough firepower to take so many lives and traumatize so many others. And what a shame Canada can’t lead the way in this area, in which the Americans have so lost their moral compass.

Ron Charach, Toronto.




The Chief’s of Police aren’t using the Registry. The system is set up to generate false hits by touching the Registry even on an unrelated matter. An enquiry about one thing crawls through other databases. A “super database” so-to-speak. If anything the CACP is probably quite busy dodging their self-afflicted ethical dilemmas.

The Registry wouldn’t have saved anyone at Columbine. That falls under licensing. Licensing checks the individual. By Dr. Ron’s own accounts in his letter? He is pretty much admitting it’s a “people problem”.

Tsk tsk tsk Dr. Ron. I no more store a weapon at home as you do. I have personal possessions. A vehicle, pens, construction tools, kitchen utensils, etc. They are no less a weapon than a firearm. Any firearms I might have are not for misuse.

Now, I’ll admit that my father taught me firearms safety while I was a boy and Her Majesty taught me how to employ firearms both in defense of Canada and while as a Peace Officer. It was training, education and discipline (imposed and self-discipline); coupled with an intact moral compass that does not permit me to use them in a wrongful manner.  It is a matter of upbringing, personal responsibility and character. It seems to me that “enlightenment” has eroded upbringing by the family, eroded personal responsibility and rewards poor character. 

Dr. Charach is a Psychiatrist. Children and adolescents seems to be his focus . Why he isn’t advocating finding ways to help individuals instead of going after reasonable and responsible men is beyond me.

Yes. Men. The tone of his letters seems to present a “hatred” of men. By attacking men and firearms? He sure seems to be doing a grave disservice to Canadian women. Well, seeing as he likes to rail on America so much? I would have to extend that also as a disservice to American women.

If he wants to lip off about America so much? I would encourage him to go live in America or perhaps even another country where his expressions against men would be even less warmly received.

But, alas his “hatred” would likely be ignored. Decent people tend to easily recognize “hatred” and typically want nothing to do with it.

As for the “moral compass” he alludes to? I would encourage him to devote some time away from the poetry-circuit, seek out and spend time with American citizens. There are plenty with their moral compass intact. Whether they own firearms or not.

I might suggest that between pennings of poetry and attending to the minds of children and adolescents? He should grab his copy of DSM-IV and have a look in the mirror.

His constant attacks on men in this world could be inflicting psychological harm on innocent people.  


First Do No Harm 



HERE (alphabetical listing)


Poetry Sample

Freedom of expression is still allowed in Canada. Which Dr. Ron should be as grateful for as I am.  I and a few hundred thousand men and women over the years stood up and defended that right for him, both in and out of uniform. It’s quite sad that he focuses his articulating of “hatred” on individuals of that calibre (pun intended).

Frankly? I find it offensive, repugnant and dishonourable. 

Doctor! Heal thyself!


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One Response to Doctor! Heal thyself!

  1. Kellene says:

    No, the Registry wouldn’t have prevented the deaths at Columbine. My solution? Make firearms available on campus. While it may not necessarily prevent tragedies altogether, it would limit their scope. Case in point – Appalachian Law School in VA, January 2002. A gunman opened fire on campus and made international news. What the majority of the news stories left out is that two male students had firearms in their cars. These two heroic students ran for their guns and held up the gunman who then dropped his gun and they wrestled him to the ground until the authorities arrived. You may enjoy this article about the endangerment of children through miseducation.

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