Sir Robert Peel. Turning 100000 RPM in his grave.

…and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police were probably too busy with their sponsorships to get together on a policy concerning “problem” Constables.

“…Toronto police officer charged

Crime Stoppers May 06, 2009 03:35 PM
Jaspreet Tambar
Staff Reporter

A Toronto Police officer, who in the past has been charged with armed robbery, has been charged with drinking and driving.

The accused was involved in an accident on the Don Valley Pkwy., south of Eglinton Ave., yesterday around 5 p.m. She was off-duty at the time of the accident.

Const. Tamara Rodin, 42, a 21-year veteran, is charged with impaired driving and several related charges. She was scheduled to appear in court today on a pair of impaired driving charges and a charge of failing to comply with the conditions of recognizance.

In Dec. of 2007, a suspect walked into a pharmacy in the area of 16th Ave. and Main St. and demanded narcotics from the pharmacist under gunpoint.

Shortly after, Rodin was charged with robbery while armed with a firearm and disguise with intent to commit an offence.

-with a file from The Canadian Press …”


That’s right folks. The people who you are told to depend on to keep you safe have those in their ranks that seem to perform criminal acts.

CFRB Exclusive: Toronto cop faces charges


Toronto Police
Wed, 2007-12-05 17:25.
Jaimie Kehler

A veteran Toronto police officer is facing armed robbery charges.

York Police say the suspect walked into the Sunrise Pharmacy in the 16th Ave. and Main St. area, approached the pharmacist, said she was armed and demanded narcotics.

“The victim handed over a quantity of drugs and the suspect fled the store,” said Inspector Tom Carrique. “She was later arrested after a short investigation and appeared in a Newmarket court.”

A police source tells CFRB that the constable of 17-20 years was arrested Tuesday in the drive-way of her Markham home. And added the veteran officer may be currently be on “inactive duty” but was last assigned to work out of police headquarters in the video services department.

40-year old Tamara Rodin is charged with robbery while armed with a firearm, disguised with intent to commit an indictable offence, and failure to comply with recognizance. Rodin has made a brief court appearance in Newmarket and will be back before a judge on January 9th.


…and the CACP and others like Toronto Mayor Miller and Wendy Cukier would have you believe that only cops and soldiers should have guns. They would also have you believe that they are the only ones qualified to keep you safe.

They want you to think that responsible firearms owners in Canada or anywhere else in the world are the danger to public safety.

So who keeps us safe from Constables like this?

The framers of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights got it right…


Everytime people like the CACP, Mayor Miller, Wendy Cukier or their minions spew forth the lies and garbage that are designed to take away the people’s rights? Remember incidents like Cst Rodin being retained in the employ of a police service.

A shining example of the violation of the public trust.

It’s not the good cops that believe and try to adhere to the principles of Sir Robert Peel that are the problem. The good cops that go to work everyday trying to enforce the law, help others in need of help and make a small difference while trying to hold the thin blue line.

Far from it.

VERY far from it.

It’s the political hacks in and out of uniform that violate it. Those who wear the uniform or have been graced with a badge that conduct themselves in a criminal manner that are the problem. The hacks and criminals in the ranks that destroy morale, effectiveness and obstruct. They are the one’s that the people should be demanding protection from. That starts by kicking each and every one of their sorry keisters to the curb. Expeditiously.

The people should be demanding the return of their police services from the hands that would destroy it in order to further an agenda.


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