What the Communists in Canada don’t want you to see…




A legal case involving Canadian Constitutional Rights and firearms.

Any matter concerning rights and even traditions and the defense thereof should be front page news anywhere.

Oddly enough, it isn’t.

Some people don’t want you to either know or exercise your rights in their march towards the suppression of you and your rights. They want you ignorant to what is going on. It makes it much easier for them to achieve their goal of power and control.

Apparently the lawyer involved feels that strongly about the situation that he is willing to help Pierre essentially for free. I guess he doesn’t like the idea of the state intruding in the “bedrooms of Canadians” either.

Those are good Canadian values he is showing. 

Freedom, independance, acts of personal kindness (sans legislation or regulatory direction).

Kick ass Pierre and good hunting for your lawyer.

EDIT: Donations to fund the court case can be submitted HERE. Donations are tax deductible too. 😀

Canadian Constitution Foundation


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