A Mother’s Day anti-gun propaganda video goes horribly wrong…


A Mother’s Day video that gun control advocates are using as propaganda.

It is to be noted that the poster of that video later went in an shut off all commenting ability and deleted the comments. The poster is shutting off debate and discussion. Facts and arguments that were submitted in the comments were opposed to the anti-gun position.

The poster is hiding something that they do not want you to see. The truth.

You have to question the motives and motivation behind a group that hides things from the public in order to advance a cause. Blindly accepting it at face value does no one any good.

 UPDATE: Someone captured some screenshots of the comments before the poster erased them.








This is how the page currently looks:


An anti-gun organization is engaging in censorship against anything they don’t want to be told to you.

They don’t want you to think for yourself. They just want people to blindly and willing accept what they have to say.

They are telling you what to think. They are also the type to eventually tell you what to do.

How un-democratic of them.

How un-Canadian of them to disrespect freedoms, diversity and an individual’s rights. 

Comments are open.

On this Mother’s Day weekend I want to wish all mother’s a Happy Mother’s Day. Without you? None of us would be here.

I especially wish Wendy Cukier a Happy Mother’s Day as well. There’s nothing like a lovingly prepared breakfast in bed from your child and the hugs that accompany it. It’s a moment that makes motherhood worth it all.

UPDATE: An audio rebuttal using my text video.

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