Update on Policemen speaking for or against the Registry. Against is leading the pack.

Update at the bottom:

Why does the CACP support the Firearms Registry?

For the past month, I have been contacted by hundreds of police officers in regards to a question I posed to them: “Do you support the firearms registry?”

As of this morning, I have had 521 responses from police officers from across Canada. Of that 521, only 7 support the registry.

I expected that.

For years I have read how the CACP supports the registry and how it is so critical for the safety of officers and the public.

For years I have been listening to police officers complain about the uselessness of the registry.

Who is wrong? Is it the Chiefs of Police? Or is it the street cops and promoted investigators who deal with criminals and the public every day?

A Chief of Police has to be a politician. He has a budget to maintain and a Police Service to manage, as well as an image to uphold. He also has a contract that he must fulfill.

A Constable, Detective, Sergeant or Staff Sergeant is the one that is physically present on the streets. They are the ones that deal with everything from running radar to arresting murderers. They are the ones who know what works and what does not when it comes to “foot meets the pavement” policing. And so far, they are telling me that the firearms registry is garbage and should be scrapped.

So why does the CACP tell the public “the Police support the registry”?

Chiefs are compelled to accept anything that would appear to instill a sense of safety for the public. Just look at your own local Police Service and you will find numerous examples of this. Edmonton is full of slogans and posters and meetings between police and special interest groups. Most of it eventually blows with the wind and is forgotten.

I think the time has come for this street cop to ask the CACP why they continue to support the firearms registry………

And if they don’t change their stance after this, I would really appreciate it if they would make an exemption in their next media release. Sort of like this:

“The CACP, representing the men and women who serve as police officers in Canada (except Randy Kuntz of the Edmonton Police Service) supports the registration of firearms……………”.

More to come. Shoot straight and stay safe.

Randy Kuntz EPS


This man is a policeman that I, as a private citizen, can conciously stand beside. 

The kind of man whom with I’d walk a beat again.



More responses are in to Randy:

727 police officers for scrapping the registry.

22 police officers for keeping the registry.

With a margin like that? You think the rank and file know something. They do.

UPDATE: Word has reached me from Randy that over 1000 Constables have replied so far as being AGAINST the Registry. For KEEPING the Registry is less than 100. I’m waiting to get some solid numbers for that.

Sir Robert would be proud of these 1000+ Constables.


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