I’d like to welcome the Coalition for Gun Control…errr…

…. oh…

wait a minute.

Maybe not.

http://coalitionforguncontrol.wordpress.com  <- Hover your cursor here

wordpress access denied

Maybe this is it? Or at least part of…



about 2

I would love to reply…but as you can see from the comments policy? I’m already censored because I am pretty much politically incorrect.

Comments policy 1

Comments Policy 2

Anyhoo. I guess they’ve finally gotten around to the blogosphere to spread their message. It’s a still a free country. They can.

I guess I’ll be keeping an eye, out of interest, on their entries.

If you do manage to locate the site? Please feel free to come back here and I’ll offer a differing viewpoint. I obviously can’t do it there with those commenting  censorship policies in place. I wouldn’t get past the moderation censor no matter how polite and informative I can be.

Freedom of Speech and the protections afforded that and all the other rights by the Second Amendment makes for interesting days these days.

Again welcome Wendy, or whoever is making those entries on your behalf. 😀

I do like your blogroll too:



Don't Tread On Me


About CGN Nightmare

I've been around the block enough to not care about PC idiocy. My writings may cause manginal irritation. That is YOUR problem.
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