Is Paul Helmke of the Brady Campaign caving in…?



Or is he merely pulling the typical Socialist tactic of “nibble nibble nibble” and propaganda smear with that veiled “connection” of gunowners and “9/11 Conspiracy theorists”?

I’ll go with “nibble nibble nibble” and “smear”. The Brady Bunch got handed their asses on the Heller decision and have to try and do something.

Their version of “compromise” is achieving the mile an inch at a time.

I do like this piece in the article… He’s a RINO. “…Helmke said he was hired in part because of his centrist reputation as a Midwestern Republican. While elected three times, he ruffled feathers in his party by pushing for a revenue-raising local income tax and an annexation that expanded the city’s tax base. …”

“Annexation”. Annexing can be equated with taking either by force or coercion against the will of others. Example. During the War of 1812, British forces from Canada annexed and area of the US in the NorthEast (Maine, IIRC). The British also took Detroit and a portion of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The US got it all back after peace negotiations though. After the US and Britain took turn torching capital cities. As an aside, The White House is white to hide the scorch marks.  

Mr. Helmke and his organization represent an agenda that operates on the same idea. Annexing freedoms against the will of others.

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