LAW Tube is apparently non-functional…


Some comments on a private forum indicate that the fiberglass tube is simply that. An EMPTY fiberglass tube.


Mind you, it might make a handy tube for pouring concrete or doing other yard chores with. 


Originally Posted
there’s a wire that runs twixt the aft and centre sections – it’s missing- it won’t work without that even if he could find a missle for it- these are a throw away , not a multiple discharge launcher

x2, that was the first thing I looked for when the picture loaded…

What a bunch of fear-mongering …

What would be REALLY nice? If the talking heads in PR actually checked those little details out AND reported them instead of just parading the stuff to get themselves a sound bite and a headline.
Policemen that fearmonger the public are hair above those that are involved in criminal acts and just a smidge below one’s that perjure themselves in court.
Compare the above photo to this one:
The wire is needed to fire it. The picture of the seized item on display on the table doesn’t have the necessary wire.
The EMPTY INERT fiberglass tube on the table doesn’t have a necessary component to make it function as designed.
Someone is misleading the public and it isn’t me.
BTW. You can read the article above. The charges are not my point at this time. It’s the lie that was spotted. 
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