Gungrabbing politician QUITS politics. Good riddance. The rest of you make a note…

…making political hay on the backs of firearms owners will cost you eventually. The public is much wiser to the scam and dishonest conduct.

As an aide-memoire? In the last provincial election in Ontario, Mssr Michael Bryant tipped his hand and shot himself in the foot with his “No Guns. No Funerals.” folly.

Mssr Tyrant was removed as Attorney-General in the last election and shuffled to a headache Ministry. Essentially numbering his days in politics.

Which, as linked below, has come to be.

National Post

GOOD RIDDANCE. Bon appetit at the trough in Toronto.

The rest of the gungrabbing politicos should make a note and follow suit. Or wait until they are up for re-election.

I, and others, anxiously await.

I’m especially awaiting his next FUBAR and so-called Mayor Miller throwing him under the bus for it.

Michael Bryant (L) former MPP, Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Government of Ontario and Toronto Mayor David Miller chat at the Greater Toronto Region Economic Summit.

“You’ll be going straight under when I discard you Michael. On Lenin’s grave, I swear.”


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