Canadian police “talking heads”. Unsafe at any paygrade.

Have you ever noticed something when the police “parade” so-called “seized” firearms and ammunition?

Over time I have noticed that there is that penchant for unsafe displays. Several photo ops are presented for reporters to take pictures.

I will cite this recent example. HERE

The article deals with ammunition seized at the border.

I have it on a relaible source that there are many instances where ammunition”seized”. Isn’t.

It has been surrendered by an American tourist that made the mistake of having it the vehicle when they sought entry to Canada. Rather than do the paperwork dance and waste their time? They simply give it up so that they can continue with their visit to Canada.

I have to wonder what the stats would look like if it was broken down into “criminal intent to unlawfully import/export”, accidental possession (honest oversight) and other (found and turned in for proper disposal).

Police are supposed to be trained in the safe and proper handling of firearms. So the public is led to believe.

Many are consciencious and competant. Others, such as the “talking heads” appear to be less so. It’s the “sound bite”, “quote” and “sexy pics” that are raison d’etre in the need to justify budgets, job security and that ever “beloved” fear-mongering (aka “remind the sheeple why they need us”).

Part of the Canadian Firearms Safety Course is MUZZLE CONTROL. Ensuring the muzzle of a firearm is always pointed in a safe direction. The NRA’s Safe Handling principles are of the same foundation.

The picture below and a portion of it has what appears to be firearms lying on a table. Accessible to anyone. Notice the far right object that appears to be a firearm? It appears that the butt (back end that rests aginst a user’s shoulder) is facing us. Look along it towards the muzzle and then past it into the back ground.

I count 3 sets of legs. 3 people standing at the “wrong end” of the firearm. One person IF that firearm were loaded and fired would probably lose a chunk of flesh from their thigh.

I’m a “panic button” you say? Police are infalliable and know what they are doing? We can trust them with a firearm more so that an “ordinary” citizen…?


(Yep. “Stuff happens”.)


In sanctioned/approved training classes? A “safe area” is established. What that does is ensure that ALL firearms are pointed in a direction that prevents the muzzles (the end the bullet comes out of) from being pointed at any people, at any time.

gun display by cops FAIL


display FAIL muzzle FAIL

In fairness? I get “firearms security”. BTDT.

In fairness? PR has a place. But not when it misinforms people or subliminally paints a bad light on others who are NOT the problem.

I’ll even give you a PR tip. PART OF PREVENTION IS EDUCATION. There are Sherriff’s Departments that have a program for EDUCATION. The NRA developed it and my club in the US sponsored it so they could have it and USE IT.

Responsible and safe firearms owners are NOT the problem.

We are willing to be part of the solution.


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