Things that make you go…”WTH!!!???”

During Iraqi elections soldiers and policemen carried guns and protected the citizen’s ability to cast a vote in their elections. Even women were protected and got to participate in all aspects of those elections.


I may not agree with how you choose to cast your ballot as you may not agree with my choice.  Many decent people have raised their right hands over the years to defend that right and ability. Men went thousands of miles to give their lives for others to have that freedom we enjoy take for granted. We just marked the 65th anniversary of D-Day for crying out loud. Those who have followed after us are today engaged against an enemy overseas so that others can have that freedom. 

What message does that send to those benefactors if we do not defend it, ourselves, here in our own countries?  

Guns aren’t necessary to defend a polling station where we are supposedly “civilized”…

Perhaps they should be.

You can have an opposing opinion and viewpoint. When it comes down to election day, no one has the right to interfere with another person’s right to cast their ballot.

Especially thugs whose concept of “just” is re-enacting “Kristalnacht” . Well. OK. Maybe  “Kristalnacht-lite“… for the time-being. (embed below)

Especially those thugs that can get away with it. (embed below)

Oh, they can do this crap in the city. (embed below)

They would face a lot of irate elderly ladies, Patriots and other freedom-concious citizens at our polling station. They won’t show because they know the consequences of messing with rights-minded people and will practice their brand of hatred and thuggishness where they feel safe to do so.

Frankly? I’d like their “respect” for the voting process to be practiced at 5000 ft BSL.



Anywhere that people can cast a ballot and choose their leadership. No one should be tolerated interfering with a ballot. I’ve worked as a scrutineer with others of similar mindset. We brooked no crap and endeavoured to protect the ballots, the process and the rights of everyone that came to vote regardless of whether or not their vote was being cast for an opposing choice to ours.

I fondly recalling a poll worker that refused my voting by special ballot. I was going to be away on short-notice and couldn’t make an advanced poll and attended the Chief Returning Officer’s office to do so. My mother was with me.

The exchange went somewhat as follows:

“I’m going to be away on election day and the scheduled advanced polls. I want to vote.”

“You can’t vote.”

“I want to vote.”

“You can’t vote.”

“I am here to vote.” (that “Warning…you are pissing off the wrong person” voice…)

“You can’t.”

Mom could see the air warming up around me…Mom has heard me swear before…She knew what was brewing and figured a “scene” was about to happen. To mom’s credit, she didn’t want me getting in trouble and wanted to get me out of there.

“Mom, I am entitled to vote as guaranteed by the Constitution/Charter of Rights and Freedoms. You and I are not to ever be denied that. There are mechanism’s in place to protect that right.”

“I want to see the CRO.”

“She’s in a meeting.”

“I want to vote. Go get her right now.” (that “I will be obeyed” tone…)

*Cue the scraping sound of rat’s claws scurrying across the floor… 

The CRO came out and the situation was explained. Again. The goobermint employed hack knew jack about proxy-voting and the CRO assigned someone else to prepare a proxy ballot and paperwork.

Problem solved…and my candidate’s office was informed of the incident. Your right to vote should be taken very seriously and guarded jealously…and vigourously.

Bullets in the hands of citizens protect the ballot. It keeps those who would ignore and disrespect the will of the citizens from doing so. They are afraid of that. It is “balance” and a “defense mechanism” to protect democracy and freedoms. A defense mechanism that should not be exercised lightly or frivilously. A defense mechanism that must exist and be defended vigourously so that the bullets are never needed and the ballot is the deciding and civillized voice. 

Those who would deprive you of your right to vote? They would, given the opportunity, deprive you of all your inalienable rights. The scumbags “guarding the polling station” in the video above are a shining example of “life” under their ideals.

That is why they want to trash gun-rights. Disarming the civilian populace. Disarming citizens make the citizens “subjects”. History shows that the disarmed become victims of oppressive regimes acting with impunity.

These thugs are a modern day sample of what will come to be if they are not squashed.

Now. Not apologised for or excused.


I’d liken those scum to National Socialist cockroaches if it wasn’t so insulting to cockroaches. It is rather interesting how their brand of “Socialism” mimics recent world history and it’s intolerances and aggression.

Cuffed. Stuffed. Printed. Pic’d. DNA sampled. Perp-walked and tried. Found guilty and handed a life sentence for each person they intimidated, attempted to intimidate or didn’t vote because of their actions.

Pour encourager les autres…

Don't Tread On Me


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