From the “Chickensh*t Subversives” files…

Someone brought this to my attention a few minutes ago. I’m considerably less than amused.



A small chain of stores that are only found associated with Canadian Forces Bases.

A place for CF personnel and their families to go, on base, and get commercial items. Not unlike a department store.

In US military jargon? It’s known as the PX.

For the life of me I can’t figure out who the lame-as*ed fowl feces defecating no mind is that came up with this directive:

“No CANEX personnel are to wear red on fridays.” or words to that effect.

In Canada people have adopted the custom of wearing something red on Fridays to show support for our troops.

Smells like Patriotism to me. I’m not going to stop it. I encourage it.

Anyone reading this is encouraged to drop CANEX a polite and firm note that this defecating on the troops is unwelcome, unwarranted and highly unacceptable.

Someone needs to be fired. Not now. Not RFN. Yesterday.

Mumble mumble subversive mumble mumble fleabag mumble mumble feces for brains mumble mumble


I received an e-mail today in response to my “query” to the CANEX management in Ottawa concerning the Red Friday issue.

The reply, in a nutshell, indicates that CANEX will be providing a uniform for employees that will sport the “Yellow Ribbon” in support of the troops.

That is reasonable.

Stand behind our troops. They stand between you and trouble.


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