This is curiously interesting…

The Advocacy Project
1326 14th Street NW
Washington DC 20005
phone: +1 202-332-XXXX
fax: +1 202-332-XXXX

Out of curiosity?

I ran the above address through Google.

This came up

as did this

It would appear that Mzzzzzz. Mandelman’s address is shared with some other groups.

Nothing wrong with that really.

People need space to do their thing.

I wish I could afford commercial space to do some stuff I’d like to do. My job doesn’t pay enough to afford an office in a commercial space, go to school and be an advocate with a penchant for censoring.

“Failure guard Dogs” should ring a bell to someone…

Mind you. If someone could shed some light on this with a plausible explanation? I’d be grateful. I don’t get to DC and can’t actually take a look at the building for myself.

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