Bets this doesn’t see the light of day either. Eh, Elizabeth…?

A submission to Mzzzzz. Mandelman’s blog that I am aware of.

I’m just gonna tack it up here.

Just in case the MO rolls along.


Ms. Mandelman, it is clear to me at this point that whatever comments to your blog entries you do not like you “moderate” out of existence.

Granted, this is your blog and you are free to decide what gets to see the light of day and what does not. I am not arguing this point.

The point I am arguing is that while you claim that you are willing to take other standpoints into consideration. You claim that you invite open discussion and debate. Yet, so far your actions speak otherwise.

I am familiar with a large number of the people who have commented on your blog entries, yet I only see a very small fraction of the messages they have sent you.

Also, you are declining meeting and debating with Mr. John Evers on the issue of firearms, citing fears for your safety and worries of being bullied around. Those of us who know Mr. Evers know full well that these are not the way he operates.

In fact, so far your claims of openness and welcoming of debate and discussion seem to be nothing if not hollow and hypocritical. So far, the only position of yours regarding debate that rings true to me is your fear of meeting Mr. Evers in person, but not out of fear for your safety but because you might not be able to refute his arguments.

So far, you have succeeded at portraying gun owners as uneducated, violent, dangerous men. Men who would turn into monsters simply by being in possession of a gun. Yet, you say nothing of female shooters and gun owners. Because, to me, it appears as though you think women being “better” than men would never associate themselves with guns. And once again, you are mistaken.

I disagree with your positions. With the way your portray guns as being inherently evil; with the way you portray men as being vicious beasts barely held in check; with the way you have associated Canadian soldiers with murderous thugs in Somalia and the Balkans; with the way you censor the comments that do not coincide with your arguments and your agenda.

To be brutally honest, I would go so far as to say that your academic integrity is non-existent when dealing with those who oppose your views and can refute every single one of your arguments with hard facts.

Don't Tread On Me


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