A professional soldier chimes in on “Soldiers with guns are rapists” assertion by Liz Mandelman

“I’m rather taken by the statement that “Women have no hope against armed men who have become inured to the violence and use the gun as a symbol of power and masculinity”

It would seem to perpetuate a myth of helpless women, when historically this is a bit fuzzier than Ms. Saywell would perhaps realize.

In the Balkans, in WWII, rape was also a weapon of war. One should then look at the example of women Partizan fighters through Jugoslavia, who were armed, who fought against Nazi terror, and who had quite a reputation for perpetuating nastiness against prisoners.

I would argue that in this instance, firearms were in fact a liberating tool that elevated the status of women from chattel to equal partner in the struggle against oppression, and that historically the disarming of a populus has led to the very systemic instances of rape that Ms. Saywell describes.”

The above would be a rebuttal that was submitted to Mzzzzzz. Mandelman’s blog entry.

The writer is a professional soldier. A man that holds a Commission from Her Majesty. An Officer and gentleman in Canada’s Army. An Army that provides Mzzzzzz. Mandelman the freedom to espouse her misguided and youthfully naive beliefs on others.

The same Army that has a proud tradition of liberating oppressed men AND women when it has been able to do so.

You know the Taliban Liz? Don’t you? The ones that require women be subservient. Pieces of chattel. Not equal as human beings. The one’s that would take your head off in a moment for being assertive and questioning of their “authority”. Stone you in the street. Beat you with a stick because a “book” says it’s “right”. 

John “gets it” Liz.

But then again, his world experience and wisdom of years shows where you are mistaken in your beliefs.

Men like John are who you should be interviewing in order to educate others.

Sadly, I wager you won’t. The truth can taste bitter. You’ve demonstrated that you prefer that sweet taste of kool-aid.


I want to thank John and the lads for being there and what they have sacrificed for others. Here and abroad.

Good hunting.


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