Lizzy Mandelman. Foreigner censoring Canadians over a Canadian issue…

Mzzzzzzz Mandelman is stuck in a groove like a bad record.

That’s vinyl Liz. 33RPM and 45 RPM. It was before your time when people took responsibility for their lives and weren’t mouthpieces and shills for others that advocate for more people being harmed than saved by their agenda.

When education was really education. Not the dumbed-down, pass ’em through policies in place by the left in their indoctrination attempts and emascualtion of our young men.

The education system that you have been a victim of. You just may not realize what happened to you.

Anyhoo. Back to your interference with Canada and Canadians. Interfering with the self-determination of a sovereign nation and it’s political process.

Here’s another sample that fell under your censorship stamp…

Have you realized something Liz? Unlike you I don’t arbitrarily censor for giggles. Your attempts to create more victims, smear the responsible, peaceful and decent, misinform the uninformed and interfere with Canada are beyond acceptable.

The letter:

Ms. Mandelman,

We as gun owners have been listening to the sort of rhetoric your fellowship promulgates for a long time.

You are not the first one to preach the misguided notion that more gun control would lead to less crime and less atrocities. In fact, regulations and prohibitions have only served to make matters worse.

And gun control, has been deemed “successful” in places that will go down in history as the locations of serious breach of individuals’ human rights. Such places include Nazi Germany (which was claimed to be the leader of all civilized nations by the implementation of total gun registration), China, Stalinist Russia, Rwanda (where, in fact, most of the massacres were performed with machetes as per Lieutenant-General (ret’d) Romeo Dallaire in his book Shake Hands with the Devil), Darfur, the Balkans and Mexico.

These places all have one thing in common: when gun control was fully implemented, mass-murders, rapes, ethnic cleansing and genocide took place. Either by roving bands of a warlord’s militiamen, criminal elements or the governments.

Also, your obvious care for the rights of some “marginalized” groups is commendable, but also misguided. How are the guns owned by Canadian law-abiding citizens tied to the black/grey market arms used in places such as Somalia? Somali warlords have never been armed by Canadians after all.

As for the attacks to your academic integrity, they are a response to your refusal to post a large number of comments and your subsequent refusal to refute the points brought forward in those same comments.

You have to admit that when you make claims of “welcoming debate and open discussion”, the severe moderation and outright deletion of comments does not help you make your case.

Also, so far as I can tell, you are the one who started the name-calling. You have called soldiers of all nations rapists who were empowered by their weapons to commit atrocities. You have tarred every single law-abiding gun owner as a closet wife abuser. You are the one who opened this door. And I am sure you can understand why people like myself, who are gun owners AND Canadian soldiers, do not take kindly to being compared to gang members, war criminals, armed thugs in some warlord’s private army and wife-beaters.

You have tarred everyone using guns with the same brush.

I have already sought to confront you about your behaviour and your views and you have not seen it fit to post my comments and openly refute my arguments. As such, I do not expect you to post this at all.

In short, respect begets respect. It is a two-way street. You grant us respect, we will grant you some.

However, I find myself compelled to let you know that there will be other sources to whom this comment will be sent. If only to ensure that it is not lost should you decide that it is not suitable for the open discussion and debate you claim to hold.

Note: Interestingly enough? The above comment remained.

Liz. You might be learning. That is good. Now perhaps you should wake up. That would be even better.

BTW. The fellow you refuse to debate at UWO? He’s a devoted family man. Your “fear” is irrational and feeds your “females are victims” blatherings. If you TRULY believe what you spew? Bring your facts. You want debate and it’s offered and you decline.

That is the MO of Wendy. Her credibility is pretty shot in Canada. You want cred? Debate him.

Don't Tread On Me



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