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An African village’s armed self defense story

August 16, 1:04 PM
Self-Defense Examiner Eric Puryear

Earlier this year, self defense enabled a village in the war torn Congo to save itself against brutal rebels.

The Congo (an African county that borders Sudan), is in the midst of a long and bloody civil war. A powerful Ugandan rebel group, the Lord’s Resistance Army, is especially known for brutality and torture. That rebel group goes from town to town, and often sends torture victims from a town they have already sacked to the next town as a grim warning. The town of Bangadi received such a warning, including a man whose back had been sliced up with a machete, and warned that the rebels would soon arrive. Upon hearing the news, the small police force fled the town, and neither the Congo military or the UN responded to the villagers pleas for help. After two weeks of begging for help that was not forthcoming, the villagers realized they had to defend themselves:

Their community leader called a town meeting, and told everyone to bring whatever weapons they owned. People showed up with rifles made before World War II, homemade shotguns, bows and poison arrows, knives, and even the wooden pestles that are used to pound yams into flour. Using these weapons, the villagers drove off two attacks by the rebels, saving themselves from torture and death. Perhaps best of all, not a single civilian was killed in the first repulsed attack. Compare that with the hundreds of people who the rebels had killed in the previous weeks when they attacked other villages. Hearing the news, hundreds of other villages have reportedly formed self defense groups.

This is why I support gun rights, for both Americans and for the world’s population as a whole. Violent rebel groups, genocidal manics, and others who inflict unspeakable wrongs rely upon having defenseless victims. Gun control laws ensure that such victims are easy targets, and certainly don’t stop the violent oppressors from being armed. Hopefully this lesson will not be lost upon the politicians whose goals include global arms control.

For more info: See another case of armed self defense in Africa, and this case of armed self defense in central America.

I’m due at a Canadian Federal building in a couple of hours. I apologize for a minimal entry at the moment.

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