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Published: 18 Aug 2009 

A GYMSLIP murderess aged just 17 was being held last night for knifing THIRTY men to death.

The schoolgirl stunned cops by owning up to a serial killing spree that started when she was a 15-year-old.

She told detectives she wanted to confess before she turned 18 and could be tried as an adult.

The girl – too young even to be named – said she began targeting men in her home city of Sao Paulo, Brazil “for money, revenge and to bring justice“. …”


You were saying that men are the perpetrators of violence? Or words to that effect?

You could argue that she was wronged by a man. I would agree. Her apparent reaction of going on a killing spree is a pretty emotional reaction.

Violence isn’t restricted to being perpetrated by just one gender. No matter how hard you want to stick your fingers in your ears and go “lalalallalalalallalalallalalala”.

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