RCMP potentially put 5 million Canadian lives in jeopardy.

Let’s go with the figure of 2 million licensed firearms owners in Canada.

Let’s say 1/2 are married.

3 million potential people.

Family sizes vary. Let’s say 2 children.

5 million potential people.


Pollster’s use of gun registry details to be reviewed

Last Updated: Thursday, September 24, 2009 | 4:22 PM ET
CBC News

Peter Van Loan, federal minister of public safety, says his ministry didn’t approve the RCMP’s decision to use an external polling company to conduct research into the national gun registry.Peter Van Loan, federal minister of public safety, says his ministry didn’t approve the RCMP’s decision to use an external polling company to conduct research into the national gun registry. (CBC)

The federal government has asked Canada’s privacy commissioner to look into whether the RCMP should have passed on personal information from the national gun registry to a pollster.

Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan called the RCMP’s release of information to the EKOS polling firm “offensive and inappropriate” and said it would not have been approved if the ministry had been consulted, said ministry spokesperson Chris McCluskey.

McCluskey said the RCMP decision to not consult the government was contrary to policy.

“The government is referring the matter to the privacy commissioner to determine whether law-abiding citizens’ personal information was misused,” he said in a statement.

Some Canadian gun owners were upset after personal details, such as names, addresses and phone numbers, from the gun registry were given to the research firm.

The RCMP had asked EKOS to conduct the poll to gauge gun owners’ satisfaction with the RCMP’s firearms-control program.

Police say the polling was not a violation of privacy because EKOS was working as an extension of the RCMP.

“We contracted EKOS people, security cleared them to the level that our people are, and they were conducting the research on our behalf,” said Chief Supt. Marty Cheliak, who heads the RCMP’s firearms program, which is responsible for licensing and regulating all firearms in Canada.
Gun owners responded

Cheliak said the information obtained by EKOS will be destroyed after it is analyzed or it will be turned over to the police.

He said about 1,100 gun owners across Canada responded to the voluntary poll.

Tony Bernardo, who does legal work for the Canadian Shooting Sports Association, said members were outraged when they received calls from the polling company.

“This information is absolutely privileged and encoded,” said Bernardo. “It should have never been released beyond the confines of the RCMP.”

McCluskey said the minister hopes the incident persuades the other federal parties to stop blocking the government’s efforts to repeal the long-gun registry.

Van Loan introduced a bill in the Senate in April to abolish the long-gun registry, which was created in 1995 by the Liberal government as part of sweeping gun-control legislation.


The Registry has been hacked over 300 times. Over 100 are still unsolved.

The RCMP and the CFC are supposed keep that out of the wrong people’s hands.

The RCMP are subordinate to Minister Van Loan. This is the second time they have endeavoured to take an action, without Ministerial approval, concerning firearms owners.

Let’s go back to my numbers at the top.

Canada has 33 million citizens (roughly) to date. 5 million people was the rough number.

What does that work out to? About 1/6th of Canada’s population.

Approximately 1/6th of Canada’s citizens has been put IN HARMS WAY by this. Ordinary people who are labourers, doctors, lawyers, trades people, etc who participate in a cultural heritage activity of the shooting sports or are immediately connected to it by simply “being family”.

I am greatly concerned for those people. They have just as much a right to life as someone who does not participate in the shooting sports. I am among them. I am concerned for my wife and boy. We didn’t ask to be put in harm’s way by being forced to be on a list or database over our life choices and participation in a cultural activity.

It appears that this travesty occurred without CPC government authorization.

I would say that the departments responsible need a thorough shakeup and housecleaning from the top-down.

The CPC did NOT breach our privacy. They have been hamstrung in their efforts to pass meaningful and proper legislation. READ Wendy Cukier, CACP, Ploughshares, etc

The original contractor for the database FAILED to deliver a secure database as promised (300+ breaches) either within budget or efficiently (A Black and Decker Soldering Gun was registered)

The Liberals lied to get C-68 and the Registry dumped on Canadians.

Untrustworthy civil servants have released protected information against the best interests of responsible and decent Canadian citizens.

The Liberals allowed money to be mishandled and become unaccountable.

The Liberals by creating the Registry have demonstrated they CANNOT deliver on their promises to Canadians, nor act in Canadians bests interests.

The Liberal-created Registry has further allowed placing peaceful and responsible citizens and their families at risk by this breach.

The CFC was (somewhat) diligent when they provided the Ottawa Citizen with a “scrubbed” copy of the database. That dB was not sufficiently secure in itself, in that some firearms owners could still be identified. I was one of those firearms owners that could be traced by a smart thief. To my residence. Where my family could be if a thief tried to enter.

The Liberal-created Registry has not solved (to my current knowledge) crimes.

The Liberal-created Registry has not adequately protected frontline Peace Officers from harm or death.

The Liberal-created Registry has not prevented any person that was harmed by an act of violence from being harmed.

The Liberal-created Registry was touted as to “keep people safe” and “For the children”. It hasn’t.

The Liberal-created Registry has permitted the confiscation without compensation of Canadian citizen’s property.

The Liberal-created Registry is highly suspect in providing a shopping list for criminals.

The Liberal-created Firearms Act has allowed law enforcement agencies to “create law” instead of enforcing the laws. I did not vote for them. They have no business doing so or even being enabled/empowered to do so.

The Liberal-created Registry allowed for the hiring of persons with a criminal associated background, who may not otherwise have been provided the opportunity to access that information for a likely personal gain.

The Liberal/NDP/BLOC efforts to prevent the passage of corrective legislation permitted this breach to occur when it would otherwise not have.

The Liberal-created Registry would have been shut down before this breach.

This poll has been planned for some time. It’s execution is convieniently timed to a Bill (C-391) before the House of Parliament. The questions are inappropriate (ie. What is your income?, Do you own firearms, How many firearms do you own?, etc.) and are being asked by people that have no business having that information or should even know who owns a firearm.

It is being touted under the guise of a “customer satisfaction survey”. The Liberals promised….no…sold to the Canadian public that the information wouldn’t be used for anything not law enforcement related or for the purposes of Software and Records Management.

The Liberals also said it would cost only 2 million dollars. 2 Billion and counting with each passing second. The Registry and licensing were supposed to “keep people safe”….EVERYBODY.

The RCMP have unfortunately dropped the ball on this one. Not that they don’t do commendable work in many areas and have many fine people in uniform. It’s just that they of all people should have realized the potential consequences of this really really really bad idea for a poll.

If you have any sense of compassion for your fellow citizens, their families and their children? I strongly urge you to contact your Member of Parliament by phone, e-mail or fax and demand of them to shut down these lists. Please do so by Monday Sept 28 2009. The Bill before Parliament that can help rectify the damage is Bill C-391. It is scheduled to be voted on.  

When you call your MP? Tell them you want them to vote to get rid of the Registry and databases.

Ask of your MP “Do you personally approve of Canadian citizens being put in danger by the existance of the Registry and the databases?

This link will help you find your MP and how to contact them.http://canada.gc.ca/directories-repertoires/direct-eng.html#mp

These people at risk can and may likely be your son, daughter, brother, sister, nephew, niece, grandson, grandaughter, co-worker, fellow church-goer or what have you.

Please take a moment to reflect on that…and do what you know inside is the right thing. Call and tell your MP to vote to pass Bill C-391.

Thank you. My family, friends and fellow Canadians thank you.

You might also want to read what this Canadian lady has to say about this as well.  HERE

NOTE: I forgot to include the 1 million “unmarrieds”. So that makes it roughly 5 million. I did not include those persons that reside in proximity to a firearms owner or now dwell in a dwelling formerly occupied by a firearms owner. Remember the databases are still wrong and updates do not occur from second to second.

That number of 5 million gives me the willy’s and makes me “angry”. In recent history 6 million lives were lost because of National Socialist “ideals” and their desire for “lists” and “databases”.





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