Domestic violence IS NOT a single gender problem..

It is the “Victim Industry” that gobbles up your tax and other money that wants you to think so.

Don’t believe me?

Go to your Yellow Pages ™ and look up “Men’s Shelters”. See many or even any? Go to your local Police Station and browse through the pamphlets for a “Men’s Shelters”. Lots of stuff for women…

Take a drive down the road. See any signs that are gender neutral about violence and advertising shelters and support?

Men aren’t entitled to equal protection under the law? There aren’t men that are hen-pecked or worse by their wives/spouses/sigificant others?

This applies to both heterosexual AND homosexual relationships.

Bev Ackerman, Rebecca Peters, Elizabeth Mandelman and Wendy Cukier don’t seem to think so. Actually, based on reviewing their “contributions” to society to date?  

They seem to form distinct club of Misandrists and Mysogonists-R-Us. Their cog in the “victim industry” machine as the “anti-gun front” empowers and emboldens criminals. Their part does not re-inforce personal responsibility for one’s self-defence. Instead it is entirely dependant on “victims”.

How can they survive as an “entity” without more people being victims of violence? They can’t.

People anywhere have the inalienable right to life, liberty and security of the person. Regardless of their position in society or in the family. 

Both genders are involved. Helping one and ignoring the other only invites the inevitable; The cycle continues and people will still get hurt.

Some solution that is…ptoooooooooie.



Does this picture make you uncomfortable or offended?

If it does? Good.

Now go think about it.

Don't Tread On Me


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I've been around the block enough to not care about PC idiocy. My writings may cause manginal irritation. That is YOUR problem.
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8 Responses to Domestic violence IS NOT a single gender problem..

  1. commonsense2009 says:

    Lizzy reminds me of someone I deal with….let me think….RIGHT! Rachael Marsden!… She stands on the graves of victims begging and pleading and pleading for grants, funding and any other money she can lay her hands on to spoof research. Its her personal make work project. The reality is she has whored the memory and dignity of violent crime victims for her own reward.

    The idea that the registry serves a policing purpose is bunk. When i used to respond to domestic calls we treated every call as if a gun were present. Knowing if a gun us registered is moot. CRIMINALS DO NOT REGISTER GUNS! I have been shot at three times in a 20 year career and not one of those scum bags had a legally owned gun. I watched my partner take three bullets in the chest and his body armour saved him. The guy who shot him did not register his gun. He was an illegal immigrant wanted for murder in Jamaica. I stand in a room full of gun owners and I know that the local police, provincial police and the RCMP have checked these guys out and they are okay. I can do that in a room of 10,000 gun owners. Try and put 10,000 other people in a room and find a more legitimate group.

    Last week in Toronto the police celebrate a 50 gun seizure claiming to have taken them off the streets. They were not on the street, they were in a 78 year old mans safe. After 78 years as an honest citizen he was subject to a gestapo raid and criminal charges because his crime was not filing out a form and paying a $75 fee. At the same time a police firearms instructor at OPC lost his Glock 9mm and the police covered it up because it was embarrassing…..

    Lizzy likes to sit in the utopia of north american society and pontificate about how every citizen should live. She likes to restrict individual rights, property and freedoms because her attitude is that we can all hug and get along. Come work the streets of a big city Liz. Come pick up the raped and murdered children. Come see why victims of violence are plagued by a criminal element that doesn’t care for your socialist values.

    We have sent troops to Europe 65 years ago to stop people like you. You get the right to preach from your ivory tower because people with guns stopped people like you from ruling the world. Have you ever been faced with extreme violence? Do you know what it’s like to face death or serious injury at the hands of an attacker? If you have you would understand what a victim is…and how not to be one. Today Canadians are no longer one of your personal victims…

  2. cgnnightmare says:

    Interesting about women solely as combatants as part of an armed force.

    You blogged about professional soldiers having guns and empowering them to rape.

    Does that point of view still stand with your current studies? There are documented cases where a woman has been a sexual aggressor. Some school teachers comes to mind quickly.

    Sometimes people need to be shocked and disgusted to have an issue illuminated.

  3. mand0098 says:

    I’m not shocked, I’m disgusted. As I said many times this summer, I understand that both genders become victims when firearms are misused. More men die than women as a result of guns; I’m not denying that and I never have. However, in looking at homicides by firearms in instances of domestic violence, women statistically are more often the victims than males. This has been my point all along, you just refuse to acknowledge it and instead try to portray me as someone out to get you.

    If I took an exclusively gendered approach to my studies, I wouldn’t currently be enrolled in a course that examines females solely as combatants in armed conflict. Just because an individual takes a stance on one issue that happens to focus on women doesn’t give you the right to jump to conclusions about the ideological beliefs they hold on other issues.

  4. mrkilroi says:

    Hi Lizzy! Nice to see you well and still in the game. The truth hurts doesn’t Lizzy? It is a fact the you are contributing nothing positive society. You make a mockery of the human condition and the original feminist cause.

    Women fought for years to be treated equally as the men of society. Which means being capable of dealing with threats to their safety without cowering behind another man. Keep up the good work liz you and your company may well yet manage to turn the clock. Every law that infringes liberty will infringe the liberty of the very women you claim to speak for. Maybe you’ll manage to work women back to being “chattel” for their “safety and protection” yet……I will leave you with that old Yiddish Proverb

    “Those that forget history are doomed to repeat it”

  5. cgnnightmare says:

    Good. You’re shocked and offended.

    While you are working on the cause? Work FOR BOTH GENDERS.


    The real disgrace is that anyone suffers the indignity of violence against their person. REGARDLESS OF THEIR GENDER.

    If I am a mysoginist? Why do I work with women that want to get their Concealed Carry Permits in order to protect themselves from any attack against their person? If I was a mysoginist I wouldn’t want any women to be able to defend themselves from the indignity of rape or murder.

    Stay shocked. Stay mad. Go back and think about what your end goal is towards reducing acts of violence against persons AND INCLUDE EVERYBODY.

    You are young enough to have the energy to do it and the desire. Make it have the best possible outcome FOR EVERYBODY.

    I call it like I see it.

  6. mand0098 says:

    It’s disgraceful that you have decided to make a mockery out of such an important issue. I feel sad for you that you have nothing more to do with your time than to deface a logo representative of a major societal problem. At least through this post you’re reaffirming that I was indeed effective, considering I haven’t been in the country for two and a half months. All you’ve done is make yourself look like a misogynist, and provide me with motivation to continue on with the cause.

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