Understanding how anti-gunners work with Canada’s liberal-biased media…

The original poster of this on a forum is unknown to me. However I wish to share it with others as a means of educating thme about what they are seeing an hearing on TV and some print media concerning the Registry in Canada and gun control as well.

“…Recently, I came across a reference to a 1928 book, Propaganda, by Bernays. I’ve adapted his formula to reveal how Wendy Cukier and other gun ban professonals operate:

· conduct no research
· avoid the real issues when possible
· never engage in any debate where actual research data will be used
· attack the opponent, not the issue

Don’t try to instruct, or lead through a process of step-by-step education
· persuade; do not inform
· use emotional phrases to distract people from the real issues
· when confronted, change the subject
· cover up the real studies; never refer to them

Pretend there is some favorable research by using phrases like “Numerous studies have shown…” or “Research has proven…” or “Scientific investigators have found….” but then never cite anything

Always harp on the “superior education and training” of the gun-control people, pretending that most educated professionals favour gun control, even though most of the propaganda has been written by non-science people, generally with public relations or mass-psychology backgrounds (like Wendy Cukier).

Keep repeating unfounded falsehoods about the safety and effectiveness of gun registration and banning.

Remind people how many decades gun control has been going on

Favor mandatory anti-gun legislation, removing all opportunity for free discussion when possible.

Try to keep all opposing evidence from being seen or considered by any policy-making agency.

Omit pertinent data from actual studies.

Above all, never stop repeating the same falsehoods, over and over.


If someone knows who the OP was? I would appreciate the tip so I can give credit where it is due.

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