Co-opting young minds to defeat sensible legislation…how “Marxist-gauche”.

It has been brought to my attention that efforts to derail Bill C-391 have been put in motion since September at the Canadian federation of University Women.

People are entitled to express their opinions with Members of Parliament. Such is democracy. Unwhipped votes by Members of Parliament are part of that process.

I encourage participation in the democratic process.

What I discourage detest is lying to and/or misleading our elected representatives when they are making legislative decisions which affect both a country and it’s citizens.

Using places of “higher education” for political agendas is just wrong. It does no one any good. Especially our youth who are still in an impressionable stage of their lives.

Providing them a “politically driven tool” without providing them other counterpoints, arguments, facts or dissenting opinions to make an informed decision and formulate their own opinions as an individual is WRONG.

But that doesn’t stop ideologically driven agendas utilizing an emotionally charged issue from utilizing such disingenuous ploys. Is is a time-proven act of desperation from people who are used to deceiving the impressionable and uninformed as means to impose their will on the majority that would sensibly oppose it.

That is how Canada ended up with the grossly flawed and grossly expensive and wasteful Firearms Act. Deceit.

Bill C-391 does NOT elimate any safety aspects concerning firearms.

2000 MILLION DOLLARS has been wasted on a flimsy band aid solution that has stolen that money from places that could have used it better. Shelters for abused persons (male or female), more policemen on the street, increased facilities to incarcerate violent offenders like rapists, increased funding for bedspaces in mental illness rehabilitation facilities or at least funding to research mental illness better and understand that it is people and their frailties that are the true cause of some of our problems.

Oh, I will wager that this is not the end of it. I fully expect more from those who are hellbent on stopping good legislation in coming days. It will be emotionally charged and designed to tug on heartstrings.

I do feel for any victim of a violent act, regardless of gender. I want people to heal and not forget those harmed. Standing on the headstones of victims and screeching is not a workable solution. It is not fair or just to blindly point at another and blame them for another’s transgressions.

I think it dishonours those who we’ve lost. They are probably looking down and saying “You have learned nothing.”

Hmmmmph. Bad laws and social engineering failed them in life. Continuing bad laws and failing to learn from the social engineering mistakes and taking reasonable and responsible corrective action fails them in their death too.

Yep. There are indeed sad days ahead coming from Bill C-391 opposers. Maybe it’s me but I find that rather un-Canadian and an affront to our morals and values to dishonour a departed one’s memory with chicanery and deceit. 

Oh. If you think the Canadian Association of Chief’s of Police members are unanimously behind keeping the Registry? If you think that rank and file Officers and Constables are unanimous about keeping the Registry? Think again 

Hmmmm         Hmmmm again  


The Opposition Members that voted for C-391? They are informed and accepting about the facts for their vote.








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I've been around the block enough to not care about PC idiocy. My writings may cause manginal irritation. That is YOUR problem.
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