Jean-Luc Picard Comments on “Martyrdom”…

Toronto Star

Enough of long-gun martyrdom

“You would think that after the article this past summer by the head of the Canadian police chiefs association, in which he pointed out that long guns are the weapon of choice of police and wife killers and how valuable police find the Long Gun Registry, that long-gun advocates would stop pretending that the registry is useless. If it were, the police wouldn’t access it hundreds of times each day.

Isn’t it about time long-gun advocates got over their martyr complex and admitted that, if there were no gun laws, criminals would be first in line at gun shops to purchase guns.

Don Biderman, Toronto …”


The laws and regulations under the Firearms Act concerning long guns, hell firearms period, does a couple of things that Mr. Biderman may not realize or is wilfully ignorant of.

1. Reverse Onus – Instead of the government having the burden of proof placed on them; the firearms owner now has to prove innocence. Common-law is tossed out the window and people have to answer to the government instead of the government answering to the people.

2. Violent criminals don’t care about laws in the first place.

Now. Back to the “martyrdom”.

Next month Canadians will be reminded by groups about the event that sparked the Firearms Act and the useless registry.

How will they do that? Martyrdom of the victims.

Mr. Biderman? This one is for you…

Mr. Biderman? When Bill C-391 receives Royal Assent?

I will do this…


Because the opportunity will be present to encourage the government to make better law that focuses on mental-illness and other assorted “people” problems that are the root cause of things that make dumbasses go after inanimate objects.

And I will dance for another reason. Axing the long-gun Registry removes a few million people from harm’s way by not providing a “shopping list” for criminals and other malevolent persons. Evil’s empowerment is diminished and THAT is collectively a good thing.

You, Mr. Biderman, will enjoy a benefit from it that you may not realize or are wilfully ignoring. Your freedom is defended even though you side with those that have demonstrated a desire to unreasonably curtail that freedom.







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