CSSA Alert for Hamilton, ON firearms owners

Special Alert To All Hamilton ON Firearms Owners

The Blair Witch-Hunt Project — Coming to a City Near You
As reported in our last update, Toronto Police Chief Blair had initiated a witch-hunt targeting firearms owners, seizing their private property without compensation and describing them as “criminals” due to an expired license. Well, as we have feared, the persecutions are spreading. We have received information that the Hamilton Wentworth Police have now embarked on a similar campaign. They are seizing (they call it “storing”) firearms for a 60 day period to allow the owner to update their license. If a license is not presented before that deadline, the guns are to be destroyed. Assuming that the owner can find the mandatory safety course (or exam) quickly and the CFC processes the application within their mandated 28 days (not likely) and there is no flag on the name due to the firearms seizure, maybe, just maybe, the victim can obtain their license within the 60 days. Otherwise, they lose their property. So much for property rights and due process.

There are several interesting facts involved in this situation. First, if the license is expired, the registrations are automatically revoked, yet none have received a Notice of Revocation from the CFC. Second, the amnesty prevents the police from laying charges but does not prevent the seizure of private property. Third, in most of the court cases we have been involved with, the judge has allowed the owner to sell the firearms. This has not been offered as an option by the police.

Our advice — check your license expiry date and spread the word to any firearms owning relatives and friends. If they are caught in the “catch 22” situation, we recommend the following steps:

Transfer the affected firearms to another license holder immediately — the license holder will have to re-register the firearms

Apply for a new license — once the new license has been received, the firearms can be transferred back to the rightful owner (no fee)

This whole situation begs the question — is this really the appropriate use of scarce police resources? These firearms owners are not and have never been a threat to public safety and neither are the firearms they possess. The public are being misled by claims that these seizures of private property would make Canadians safer. This is nothing more than a transparent attempt to deflect attention from their appalling failure to control the criminal element in their city.


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