This came to my attention today…

I think I will share it with you.

Sometimes a harsh word is kinder than a kind word…

“…Subject: Perpetuating the Myths: Victims, Denial and Projected Blame.

To the Editor:

In the media, the accusations this week have been fierce leading up to the 20th anniversary of the murders at L’Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal. I have never seen more manipulative emotional language than survivor Heidi Rathjen’s statement that the Conservatives will have blood on their hands if the gun registry dies and there is a spike in firearms-related killings.

Ms. Rathjen – who is it that has blood on their hands for the deaths caused by criminals in our cities with unregistered and illegal handguns, legal examples of which have been uselessly registered since 1934? Who is responsible for that spike? Is it guns? Men? Politicians? Who said gun control would work to reduce these deaths – these crimes?

Who allowed Marc Lepine to murder those women with a rifle in 1989? Who avoided the irony of the Dawson College murder in 2006 – perpetrated with a licensed and registered firearm? Who has spent 20 years pursuing even more gun control and diverting funding away from useful programs to protect women? Who lulled Canada with these useless laws, lobbied for in memory of those victims?

You know who I think has blood on their hands, Ms. Rathjen? You! You, and people like you.

You who ran away and hid as heinous acts were committed near you while you did nothing! Did you hear them die, Ms. Rathjen? Did you hear them call for help? How did that rifle allow your feet to run away from the carnage, but make it impossible to run towards it, while you waited for other men with a guns to save you?

Did you hate how those policemen outside waited for the killing to stop? Have you ever hated the men who left that classroom -those impotent men who society said should be chivalrous, but who weren’t? Did you ever hate them, Ms. Rathjen? Isn’t this why you really pursue gun control? Someone must be to blame – just not you, who ran away and did nothing.

Your attempts to make the rest of society carry your guilt through wasted funding on more useless gun control continues your history of denial. It’s time to look in a mirror.

If you find this accusation of blame distasteful, Ms. Rathjen, maybe you will understand how millions of men and women in Canada – gun owners – now feel, blamed these 20 long years for crimes they most certainly did not commit.

They were not there that day but you were.



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