Xerxes messenger has spoken…

Toronto Star

Urgent need to defend gun control

Twenty years ago today, an angry man walked into l’École Polytechnique in Montreal, separated the men from the women and screaming, “You are all a bunch of feminists!” killed 14 young female engineering students and injured 13 others.

And feminists today still remain silent about demanding that Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms be upheld and that Chief Firearms Officers uphold the Authorization to Carry Permits and instead choose to hide beind the words “may issue”. The feminists today, and complicite with Mrs. Cukier, are failing to empower independant women. Their only preference is women who bend to their version of independant women.

Many of us remember exactly where we were when we got the news. And exactly how we felt when we realized it could have been us or our daughters or our sisters. And we remember the outrage when we learned that military-style weapons were being sold to civilians and that there were 6 million guns in Canada and no one knew who had them.

I have no recollection of where I was. My normal brain function has allowed me to get past the small details of the tragedy so that I can resume normal life. Not forgetting. But not hyper-fixated on minutae. The rifle used by Gharbi is not a military-issued weapon. There are likely much more than 6 million civilian owned firearms in Canada then or now. The numbers by manufacturers indicate a higher number. The number has been lowered gradually over the years to deceive the statistical results that are presented in order to justify the white elephant of a Registry.

The terrible tragedy galvanized people across the country. The survivors, the families of the victims, police, health care, women’s groups, labour and others joined together to strengthen our laws. In 1991, Bill C-17 improved screening, banned some military weapons and strengthened storage requirements. In 1995, Bill C-68, required all gun owners to be licensed, all guns to be registered, banned additional assault weapons as well as some handguns. Public health experts heralded the law in the effort to reduce suicide and injury. Police welcomed it as a crime-fighting tool.

People were deceived by the typical socialist ploy of never waste a crisis to seize more power and control. Back then we did not have the Internet and whatever was on TV and in print was taken, naively, to be the truth. We have moved beyond that and found those media sources have been propaganda tools in the social engineering experiment we have been unwitting participants in. The Liberal government of the day had it’s ear whispered in by the likes of Wendy. Health reports issued are now being questioned about peer-review failure. We have recently seen the results of failed peer-review in the Global Warming scam. Science has shown it can be manipulated for the right price and shared ideologies.

Suzanne Laplante Edward, whose daughter Anne-Marie died that day, has called the law a monument to the memories of the victims. But it is much more than a symbol. It has helped drive down gun death and injury: 300 fewer people die from gunshots annually than in 1995. A recent Statistics Canada study on family violence indicated that spousal murders with guns have fallen by two-thirds since the law passed while spousal murders without guns have remained the same. Police use the registry 10,000 times each day to take preventative action and to investigate crimes.

The law is not a monument. Laws can later be repealed and struck down. Death by firearm was already on the decline statistically BEFORE the gun laws were enacted. Police use the Registry INTENTIONALLY less than 100 times per day. The other hits are generated by computer programming that is INTENTIONALLY pointed at the Registry and is irrelevant to the query. Mrs. Cukier is in Information Technology and she hides that from you.

How astonishing that 20 years after the massacre, the law is being dismantled. On Nov. 4, the House of Commons gave approval in principle to private member’s Bill C-391, which eliminates the need to register rifles and shotguns, making it easier for dangerous people to get guns. More than 20 Liberal and NDP politicians, some spooked by a well-financed, American-style campaign targeting specific ridings, backed the Conservatives over the objections of virtually every public safety organization in the country. One Liberal from Mississauga abstained and another from Scarborough simply stayed away, aiding and abetting the Conservatives.

Mrs. Cukier is not being honest here. The costly and wasteful part of the law is being removed. The part of the law that has made no one safer and has stolen tax dollars from things that would actually work to keep people safe. Mrs. Cukier is also not telling you that those MPs were allowed to vote the will of their constituents. Mrs. Cukier wants you to be upset and angry that an example of democracy that threatens her purse strings is working. She is angry that democracy in Canada can function when elected by the people MP’s listen to what the people that elected them want done in Ottawa. She wants  you to demand that democracy in Canada be dismantled and be replaced by a dictatorship that she can influence.

Opponents of the registry claim rifles and shotguns are not a problem in Canada. But these are a substantial proportion of the guns recovered after crimes, particularly in smaller communities. They are the guns most often used to kill police officers and the guns most often used in domestic violence and suicides, particularly involving youth. The Ruger Mini 14 used in the Montreal massacre is still sold as a hunting rifle.

Former Liberal Attorney-General for Ontario Michael Bryants car has killed more people than my hunting rifle has. Car dealers still sell cars that are involved daily in more vehicle accidents than there are shootings in Canada.

Opponents claim that guns are an urban problem. The terrible irony is that where there are more guns, there is more opposition to gun control. But where there are more guns, there are higher gun death rates. The Yukon, for example, has a gun death rate three times the national average.

Yukon also as a considerably smaller population in proportion to other areas of Canada. The gun death rate can REASONABLY be expected to be higher. It’s a twisting of numbers to form a lie that Mrs. Cukier is engaged in.

Opponents claim that the registry serves no purpose. But police use the system 10,818 times a day to remove guns from dangerous people and to investigate crimes. They used the registry to remove guns from a potential copycat shortly after the Dawson College shootings and to convict two men as accessories to the murder of four RCMP officers in Mayerthorp, Alta.

The Registry FAILED to stop the Dawson College shooter. The Registry serves no useful or beneficial purpose to Canadians. It does serve the purpose that was admitted to by politicians. The purpose of confiscating private property without compensation. It serves malevolent entities that do not have Canada’s best interests at heart. Its information has been given to people that should not have it. The Registry has placed an estimated 5 million Canadians lives in jeopardy by it’s loss (by security breach) into hands that should not have it. Those lives placed at risk being the firearm owner, their family and other innocent parties that might later reside where the firearm owner once did.

Opponents claim that the licensing of gun owners is sufficient but the Supreme Court of Canada disagreed, saying licensing and registration are inextricably linked. Registration ensures licensed gun owners are held accountable for their firearms. If gun owners are licensed but guns not registered, guns cannot be traced to their source. Legal gun owners can sell or give guns to unlicensed and potentially dangerous people without consequences.

 The Supreme Court of Canada has only made decisions on information presented to them and not on information that has been suppressed from their consideration or hidden. The Supreme Court has yet to hear the information that is available that will show the Registry IS unconstitutional and that Canadians do have a right to keep arms.

Opponents, including the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation, bleat about the costs invested in the system. But that money has already been spent – 7 million guns are registered. The only guns that need to be registered going forward are new guns or those being traded. The RCMP estimates that dismantling the registration of rifles and shotguns will save $3 million a year, which pales in comparison with the costs of gun injury and death.

How many deaths occur on Canada’s highways each year? Injuries by vehicle accident? That wasted money could have been spent on infrastructure to keep the majority of Canadians safer for something they do every day. Drive a vehicle. Mrs. Cukier makes her money and receives her accolades for her pet project of putting women and men in danger from violent harm. Mrs. Cukier is tied into international organizations that promote placing men and women in danger by denying them the tools and technology to keep themselves safe.

Opponents talk about protecting “gun-owner rights” but the Supreme Court has said clearly there is no “right” to own guns in Canada. International human rights law suggests countries are obliged to protect civilians from gun violence and most industrialized countries license gun owners and register guns.

Mrs. Cukier is hung up on International law. International law is not always binding on a nation. Canada is it’s own sovereign nation and the opinions and decision of foreign nationals should be regarded as “You aren’t Canadian. This is Canada. This is my country. These are our issues to deal with. Piss off!”. International law has a common theme…social engineering and socialism. It is laws that are based on a historically consistent failure of an ideology that results in more human suffering in the last 100 years than before it’s “creation”. Paying attention to bodies of arrogant elitists and know-it-all foreigners is NOT in any Canadian’s best interests. 

Having spent six years fighting for a strong gun law and another 14 to preserve it, I acknowledge that our problem is not just the vocal gun lobby and its political allies. Our problem is the silence of the majority. Today, many Canadians will shed tears and wear white ribbons in memory of the victims. But, as Suzanne Laplante Edward has said, we need more than words and white ribbons. We need action.

Mrs. Cukier is right about one thing. The silence of the majority. You are the majority and your silence has allowed laws to be jammed down your throat and pocketbooks against your will and against what is right for you as a Canadian. Against you who fancy yourself a free and independant person.


Rent the movie “300”. Put your children to bed and settle in with your spouse or partner. Watch it.

If I were to point out an analogy from the movie?

MP Hoeppner and MP Breitkreuz are King Leonidas. Civilian firearms owners in Canada are the 300 that honourably accompanied King Leonidas for defense of countrymen and freedom from a tyrant. Knowing full well the price they would pay for standing.

Mrs. Cukier and gun control advocates are the Senator that treasonously sold out the country for pieces of gold to weaken a nation for personal gain and enrichment with nary a thought to the real people they would affect.

Gun control advocates are the hideous “priests” whose “words” are for manipulation of the masses for personal amusement and material gain.

Gun control advocates are also the messenger of Xerxes. They are the messenger who’s words are intended to place a nation into slavery and misery. They are the messenger who’s words are intended to convince and placate making promises that will only lead to enslavement and misery.

If you fancy yourself a free and independant man or woman? Be your own King Leonidas and cast the messenger into the pit and stand for yourself and your Canada.




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