The Loony Left wants people disarmed because of…fellow travellers.

They suffer to varying degrees from one word.


I will cite the following as an example that some people I know witnessed as comments to a CBC story and were quick enough to capture it. Apparently it took CBC more than an hour to receive the alert and remove it.

“…HalcyonMantra wrote:
Posted 2010/01/09
at 2:46 PM ET

Generally I want to see everyone do a good job and make a living, but this government only cares about Alberta. If I could legally shoot Harper and his supporters I would – I don’t have to worry too much though cuz he has already shot himself and followers in those pea-brains. Good shot…bad political judgment. …”

I’m pretty confident that someone brought that to the RCMP’s attention for investigation. Comments like that are rather poor form and in this day and age they are unacceptable.

Dissention is part of a free society.

Freedom of speech is part of our Charter Rights.

The seething anger and hatred that boils under their skin bubbles to the surface once in awhile and becomes plainly visible for those who witness it. The anti-gun crowd are populated and supported by characters as noted above.

They can’t seem to get a grip on their shortcomings and have an inability to deal with it in a rational, responsible and appropriate manner.

Their hatred and penchant for penning such prose should be a strong warning to people to assert and demand their right under section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms be upheld by those in the buracracy and judiciary that deny it by their continual hiding behind the words “may issue”.

There is a sickness walking amongst decent people. It seems to be surfacing more and more as the ideology that enables that sickness loses the grip it has held on Canada since, roughly, 1968.

That sickness, when it blows, isn’t inclusive like it says it is. It will target the innocent and defenseless.

The “victim industry” is just licking it chops waiting for the trough to be filled beyond it’s wildest dreams. The feeding frenzy they will engage in will be of it’s own making…

It’s the same path we were sent down after the Federal elections in 1968.

An ugly continuation of the establishment of a dictatorship in Canada. The “soft tyranny” we have now will be nothing compared to what our children will be inflicted with.


About CGN Nightmare

I've been around the block enough to not care about PC idiocy. My writings may cause manginal irritation. That is YOUR problem.
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