A Liberal Fundraising letter…???

Friend —

Fight back – your ad hereBarely 48 hours after Michael Ignatieff proposed sensible changes to make the long gun registry fairer and more effective, Stephen Harper has opened the Conservative war chest – and teamed up with the gun lobby – launching personal attacks against MPs and police who support gun control. As the Liberal Party’s chief fundraiser, I need your help right now to fight back.

The attacks began as Conservative spokesman and Saskatchewan MP Gerry Breitkreuz compared Canada’s police chiefs to “members of a cult” who “should be ashamed of themselves” for defending the gun registry – a tool police officers use over 11,000 times each day in their work protecting public safety.

Close behind was a deluge of radio ads targeting Liberal MPs in rural ridings, spreading misinformation and questioning the integrity of our MPs for doing exactly what you and I elect our representatives to do – listen to their constituents and work to adapt the laws of the land in ways that find common ground.

Police across the country tell us that they rely on the gun registry. I believe them. Law abiding gun owners tell us the gun registry has problems in its current form and I believe them too. So we need a balanced solution and the Liberal proposal provides it. Now, our MPs who helped to create that solution are under fire and need our support.

That’s why it’s critical that we respond with a targeted ad campaign of our own. Canadians need accurate information about the changes we’ve proposed, and the MPs under attack need to know that Liberals from coast to coast to coast are standing behind them.

Please be a part of making these ads happen. Your donation of $100, $250, or whatever you can afford will contribute directly to this important campaign. And if we receive your donation online before midnight Monday, we’ll send you a special link to be among the very first to see the ads in the coming days.

The Conservatives continue with tactics that attempt to divide rural and urban Canada. You and I can’t let that happen. (emphasis mine)

Thank you.
Adam Smith
National Director, National Liberal Fund
PS. In addition to helping build this ad campaign, your donation will earn you a generous tax credit of up to 75 per cent. That means that you’ll get as much as $75 of your $100 contribution back at tax time, and a $250 contribution costs only $62.50!
Well, well, well. Looky there.  Is this a member of the Liberal Party that is jumping on the Frank Grave’s bandwagon of exposing the Liberal plan of fomenting dissent and division between Canadians?
I am hoping that this e-mail letter is a joke. What political party in Canada seems to be so driven to commit political suicide by sending out the emphasized statement above after the furor that is being raised over Mr. Graves? The so-called Natural Ruling Party couldn’t be politically suicidal.
Perhaps it’s just some in their ranks
The LPC would seem to be leading itself off the cliff and into the raging rivers. It is rather lemmingesque. Scary too when you consider they are hell bent on leading Canada.
Oh. A small tidbit. Mr. Graves companyEkos was also paid by the Canadian Firearms Center to conduct a “targeted survey” of firearms owners. How did they know who to call? The CFC provided Ekos with information that can allow the identification of the individual by someone outside the government.
Something as simple as a phone number can put a person at a safety risk.
It would be “outside the box” to suggest that the supporters/administrators of the Liberal-created Registry would pay the Liberal-leaning owner of a company that also gets contracts by the seemingly Liberal propaganda machine known commonly as CBC to try and justify the Registry and derail legislation in Parliament.
Too bad we Canadians don’t have a “reset switch” and can start a smaller government over.
UPDATE: This is the email header:
 From: info@email.liberal.ca
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 13:03:02 -0400
Subject: Let’s fight back – new ads on the way


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