Article: Gun control victims: women receive little encouragement for self-defense from mainstream feminists.

Gun control victims: women receive little encouragement for self-defense from mainstream feminists.

In the middle of a long drive through rural Texas in the early 1960s, Evelyn Logan pulled over at a rest stop at 5:30 a.m. to take a break. As she emerged from the public bathroom, a man ambushed her, grabbed her by the hair, and dragged her toward the nearby woods. All Evelyn could do at first was scream for help–as she had five years earlier when she was raped in an airport parking garage.

But then she reached into her purse for the .22 handgun she kept there. She shot at the ground in front of her. The shock of the explosion allowed her to free herself from her attacker’s grasp and take control of the situation. She forced him to lie prostrate on the ground next to the main road and then waited for someone to stop and help. Eventually, some policemen, who were patrolling the area for a serial rapist, pulled into the rest stop and arrested their man.

These traumatic events led Evelyn to her life’s work: instructing women on the defensive use of firearms, as well as other methods of self-defense. “I am a rape survivor, and a rape-attempt survivor,” she tells students. “The difference is, the second time I had a gun.” Logan also serves as coordinator of the New Hampshire branch of the Second Amendment Sisters, a group of women opposed to gun control laws.

Although proponents claim that gun control laws help everyone, they may actually result in increased exposure to crime and violence for the most vulnerable members of society. The very first nationwide gun control efforts began in Nazi Germany and preceded Adolf Hitler’s incapacitation and eventual murder of millions of citizens deemed “undesirable.”


Rachel Jurado is a TAE intern, a student at George Washington University, and a shooting sports enthusiast,






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